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Naubuc (1865-1875)

USS Naubuc, an 1175-ton Casco-class light draft monitor, was built at Williamsburgh, New York. While still under construction in 1864, design defects led to her conversion to a spar torpedo vessel. She was commissioned in late March 1865 but was laid up at the New York Navy Yard in late June, without having had any active service. In common with nearly all her many sister ships, Naubuc's name was changed in June 1869 and again in August, initially to Gorgon and then to Minnetonka. She was scrapped in 1875.

This page features the only view we have related to USS Naubuc.

Photo #: NH 55203

"Torpedo Arrangement & Platform ... Light Draft Monitors"

Plan of the spar torpedo equipment designed for installation on the U.S. ships Casco, Chimo, Napa, Naubuc and Modoc, circa 1864.

The original drawing is in the records of the Bureau of Ships at the U.S. National Archives.

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