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Isonomia (1864-1865)

USS Isonomia, a 593-ton (burden) side-wheel steam gunboat, was built at New York City in 1864 as a civilian ship. Purchased by the Navy upon completion, she was commissioned in mid-August 1864 and served off North Carolina for a few weeks until being sent to Key West in September. She operated off the Florida coast and in the Bahamas area for the rest of the Civil War, and captured a sailing blockade runner in May 1865. USS Isonomia was decommissioned in late June and was sold in July 1865. Subsequently becoming the merchant steamer City of Providence, she was sold to foreign interests in 1867.

This page features the only view we have of USS Isonomia (1864-1865).

Photo #: NH 53280

USS Isonomia

At anchor, during the Civil War.