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Squando (1865-1874)

USS Squando, an 1175-ton Casco-class light draft monitor, was built at East Boston, Massachusetts. Commissioned in June 1865, she was stationed at Charleston, South Carolina, from August 1865 until the spring of 1866. Decommissioned in late May 1866, Squando was laid up at the League Island Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In June 1869, she was renamed Erebus, and was again renamed two months later, becoming Algoma. The monitor had no active service after 1866 and was scrapped in 1874.

This page features the only view we have of USS Squando.

Photo #: NH 46296-KN (color)

USS Squando (1865-1874)

Colored sketch depicting the ship at Charleston, South Carolina, in December 1865.

Online Image: 101KB; 570 x 765 pixels

The location of the original sketch is not known.