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American Hero and a Waltham Hero Returns Home From Korea


An American Hero and a Waltham Hero Returns Home From Korea



This  story By David L. Smith, President  Boston Civil War Round  Table

I did NOT go to the joint meeting of The CWRT of GB and The Lander Nortshore CWRT for our Annual XMAS JOINT meeting because I went to the Wake on Friday evening for that 22 year old Korean War Veteran that was MIA and then listed as KIA later. His remains were returned a few years ago to The U.S. Army and then in Hawaii they did their usual GREAT JOB of discovering DNA for names etc.

His remains were returned to Waltham where he was born and raised before his entry into The U.S. Army and sent to Korea where he disappeared on December 12, 1950 at The Battle of The Chosin Reservoir. This was one of the Most Vicious and Bloodiest of the Korean War (similar to Fredericksburg and Antietam). Korea has always been claimed to have about 7800 MIAs along with those that were Casualties of incredibly huge numbers. The Chosin Reservoir claimed about 10,000 Casualties due to the 300,000hines joining up with the North Koreans. I had a chance to meet the entire remaining family and pay my personal respects along with the respects of my CWRT of GB and The State Commission.

Yesterday (Saturday December 12, 2015), there was a very Special Funeral Mass at one of our Churches. This was followed ny a Complete and AUTHENTIC Military Procession to The Mt. Feake Cemetery (about 4 miles) The remains were in a Casket that was sitting on the Army Wooden Carriage with 2-3 horses pulling it. There were also contingents from ALL City and State Agencies in the automobile procession including mine joining up at the rear. The Ceremony at the Burial Site included the Playing of TAPS by the Bugler and a 21 Gun Firing Salute by another US Army contingent. Waltham also contributed aside from its many Agencies showing, the appearance of about 50 of The Waltham City Lights Motorcycle Group which is ALWAYS involved with Community Events.

After the burial was completed, and I paid my final respects to the family, I had the chance to speak with the Governor's Official replacement as he could NOT be there personally, who told me after I mentioned to him about The Return Of The Flags Ceremony next week, to contact him and either he would be there in place of The Governor, or find another high ranking Official.

THIS WAS TRULY AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE TO BE A PART OF for a while that matched in many ways
When I and three others were Honored to place a Wreath at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier a few years ago.

David L. Smith


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