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Page 8 OPERATIONS IN MD., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

seized a musket from the hands of one of the men and killed a man therewith, and a policeman, who was in advance of the column, also shot a man with a revolver.

They at last reached the cars, and they started immediately for Washington. On going through the train I found three were about one hundred and thirty missing, including the hand and field music. Out baggage was seized, and we have not as yet been able to recover any of it. I have found it very difficult to get reliable information in regard to the killed and wounded, but believe there were only three killed, viz:

James Keenan, Company L, Stoneham.

Daniel Stevens, Company D, Lowell.

Edward Coburn, Company D, Lowell.


Captain J. H. Dike, Stoneham, dangerous; doing well.

Andrew Robbins, Stoneham, dangerous; doing well.

S. H. Needham, Lawrence, dangerous; doing well.

Michael Green, Lawrence; flesh wound.

D. B. Tyler, Lowell; condition unknown.

Edwin Colley, Lowell; condition unknown.

H. W. Dnaforth, Stoneham; condition unknown.

William R. Patch, Lowell; condition unknown.

(NOTE. - The list in this letter is, of course, inaccurate. James Kedenan is a cripple. Sumner H. Needham, of Lawrence, and Addison O. Whitney and Luther C. Ladd, of Lowell, were the killed. - ADJUTANT-GENERAL of Massachusetts. October 23, 1874.)

Captain Dike is in the hands of some brother Masons, and to the Order he owes his life. The others are supposed to be at Baltimore Infirmary.

The following were brought with us and sent to the hospital here:

Gordon Reed, Company A; since discharged.

Alonzo Joy, Company B; doing well.

G. G. Durrell, Company I; since discharged.

Victor Dengras, Company I; doing well.

W. G. Withington, Company D; since discharged.

W. H. Young, Company L; doing well.

Warren Holden, Company L; doing well.

Maurice Mead, Company L; doing well.

George Alexander, Company D; doing well.

C. L. Gill, Company L; doing well.

Charles Stinson, Company C; doing well.

J. M . Moore, Company D; since discharged.

J. W. Pennell, Company L; doing well.

E. A. Perry, Company L; since discharged.

William G. Butterfield, Company L; doing well.

Spethen Flanders, Company L; doing well.

J. W. Kimpton, Company L; doing well.

John Fortier, Company L; doing well.

C. H. Chandler, Company D; doing well.

S. S. Johnson, Company L; since discharged.

Henry Dike, Company L; doing well.

J. F. Rowe, Company L; doing well.

Daniel Brown, Company L; doing well.

George Calvin, Company C; doing well.

H. Gardner, Company C; doing well.

Page 8 OPERATIONS IN MD., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.