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39 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas


Thence I proceeded down the Alexandria road, visiting the posts of the New Jersey Brigade, the Twelfth N. Y. S. M., the First Michigan Regiment, and the Eleventh Regiment N. Y. Vols. (Ellsworth's) to Alexandria. I then received the confirmation of the morning's report, which had reached me, of the fall of the gallant Ellsworth.

On the following day (the 25th) I repeated the inspection of the greater part of the lines, particularly the right wing, where intrenchments were being thrown up by the Sixty-ninth Regiment, under the direction of Captain Woodbury, of the U. S. Engineers. On this day the Fifth Massachusetts Regiment took post between Four-Mile Run and Alexandria, thereby filling an interval between the Twelfth Regiment and the city of Alexandria, which I had reported to you on the previous evening as being too great for mutual support. On the 26th the Eighth N. Y. S. M., which at my request you directed to cross the Potomac, was encamped by me on Arlington Heights in rear of the mansion, and on the 27th the light battery of that regiment arrived, under the command of Captain Varian, and was posted in its camp, two of the guns, with sufficient protection, being thrown forward to cover our pickets. On the evening of the same day the First New Jersey Regiment relieved the Seventh N. Y. S. M. in the trenches at the head of the Long Bridge, and the latter returned to its post at Camp Cameron.

During the 26th I completed my examination of the roads and woods in the vicinity of Arlington and near the position of the Fifth and Twenty-eighth Regiments, and upon consultation with Captain W. H. Wood, of the Third U. S. Infantry, concluded to change the position of those regiments to a point more capable of support from the Eighth on the left and from the Sixty-ninth on the right, and to cut a road through the woods in a direct line from the outpost in rear of Arlington House to the new position on eh Leesburg road. This road is now in the course of construction. The company of Second U. S. Cavalry, under the command of Captain Brackett, being insufficient to perform the extended guard and picket duty which devolved upon it, and being desirous to extend the patrols which Captain Brackett had sent forward, I authorized him to direct the lieutenant commanding Company G of the Second Cavalry to report his command for duty with Captain Brackett, who was thereby enabled to direct more efficient and extended patrols and pickets, by which I now think the whole of the central division of the country of front of the line is occupied. Sherman's battery of light artillery rendered prompt and efficient service throughout the movement, and one of the sections captured the troop of Virginia Cavalry at Alexandria.

I have caused to be circulated extensively throughout the country the proclamation to the inhabitants, which was submitted to and approved by the President, the Cabinet, and yourself, and of which I transmit a copy.*

I have the honor to be, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Lieutenant General WINFIELD SCOTT,

Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Washington, D. C.


*Not found.