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78 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 78 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

battery of two brass 12-pounders, unlimbered, which were not over one hundred and fifty or one hundred and sixty yards from us, but the gunners had abandoned the battery. If I had not been so entirely at the mercy of the guns of the fortifications at Newport News (only about six hundred yards off), I should certainly have burned the whole encampment, for it is my firm impression the whole regiment ran into the works and abandoned everything.

Captain Philips, I must say, proved upon theirs occasion that he was a man of consummate coolness and bravery,and his men are of that kind of metal which can be relied upon under any and all circumstances. Lieutenants Cary and Harrison were prepared for anything, and I am convinced would have followed to any place where their horses could have leaped.

In making the approach I went by New market Bridge and St. Clair's Steam Mill, but upon returning I took a new road through the woods, fearing the troops from hampton had formed and ambuscade for my reception. I returned to Bethel by 6 o'clock without damage, and then joined my command on Poguosin River.

I am, sir, yours, respectfully,


Captain Chatham Grays, Virginia Volunteers.

Colonel J. B. MAGRUDER, Commanding Division.

JUNE 10, 1861. - Engagement at Big Bethel, or Bethel, or Bethel Church, Va.


Numbers 1. - Major General Benjamin F. Butler, U. S. Army.

Numbers 2. -Brigadier General Ebenzer W. Pierce, Massachusetts Militia.

Numbers 3. -Colonel Frederick Townsend, Third New York Infantry.

Numbers 4. -Colonel John E. Bendinx, Seventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 5. -Captain Judson Kilpatrick, Fifth New York Infantry.

Numbers 6. -Letter from Confederate Secretary of War transmitting reports.

Numbers 7. -Colonel Jond B. Magruder, C. S. Army.

Numbers 8. -Colonel D. H. Hill, First North Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 9. -Lieutenant Colonel William D. Stuart, Third Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 10.-Major George W. Randolph, Howitzer Battalion, C. S. Army.

Numbers 11.-Major E. B. Montague, Virginia Battalion.

Numbers 12.-Captain W. H. Werth, Chatham Grays, Virginia Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Reports of Major General B. F. Butler, U. S. Army.

Fortress Monroe, June 10, 1861.

GENERAL: Having learned that the enemy had established an outpost of some strength at a place called Little Bethel, a small church about eight miles from Newport News, and the same distance from Hampton, from whence they were accustomed nightly to advance both on Newport New and the picket guards of Hampton, to annoy them, and also from whence they had come down in small squads of cavalry and taken a number of Union men, some of whom had the safeguard

Page 78 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.