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104 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 104 OPERATIONS IN MD., AND PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX

position I could limber up and in two minutes have it in position to deliver its fire between my two platoons and immediately upon the ford.

At 10 to 11 a.m. the Southern Guard, Captain


, reported to me for duty . I at once joined this command with my company, all entirely concealed from the enemy. At a little past 11 o'clock, so completely ambuscaded was my entire force, one of the enemy sent down to examine the ford came up to within twenty yards of my position, and did not suspect the presence of any force until I ordered him to ground arms, which he instantly did, and I had the pleasure of taking him prisoner. He had a fine musket, accouterments, and forty-five rounds of cartridges. I placed him under guard, and afterwards forwarded him to headquarters. All the men under my command displayed a wonderful degree of coolness for troops who had never been under fire, and I am assured, if we had been so fortunate so fortunate as to have been attacked by a force five times our strength, that the command would have made a desperate resistance.

At sundown I was ordered to withdraw.

This special report is rendered necessary by my being detached from Major Montague's battalion.

With high respect, I am, sir, yours, &c.,


Captain Chatham Grays, Virginia Volunteers.

JOHN B. MAGRUDER, Colonel, Commanding Division.

JUNE 10-JULY 7, 1861. - The Rockville (Maryland) Expedition.


June 14.- Near Seneca Mills, Md.

17. - At Conrad's Ferry, Md.

18. - At Edwards Ferry, Md.

July 4.- At Harper's Ferry, Va.

7.- At Great Falls, Md.


Numbers 1. - Instructions from General Scott to Colonel Stone, commanding expedition.

Numbers 2. - Reports of Colonel Charles P. Stone, Fourteenth U. S. Infantry.

Numbers 3. - Report of Lieutenant Becker, District of Columbia Militia, of skirmish at Great Falls, Md.

Numbers 1. Instruction from General Scott to Colonel Stone, Fourteenth U. S. Infantry.


SIR: The General-in-Chief directs that with the command assigned to you march to Edwards Ferry, which you will seize and hold, and, if practicable cross the river, and continue on to Leesburg. Intercept supplies sent from Baltimore to Virginia. Be governed in ulterior operations by information gained as you proceed. If you can get intelligence, directly or indirectly, from General Patterson, which will fully justify the attempt, you will endeavor to effect a junction with his column.

Page 104 OPERATIONS IN MD., AND PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX