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161 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas


The loss of the enemy was over sixty killed. The number of wounded cannot be ascertained, as a large number were carried off the field.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

Colonel E. D. TOWNSEND,

Asst. Adjt. General, U. S. Army, Washington City.

WASHINGTON, July 7, 1861.

Major General R. PATTERSON, U. S. Army, Martinsburg, Va.:

SIR: Besides Colonel Wallace's regiment, and Colonel Stone's three regiments and a half, there are now en route, or under orders to join you as soon as practicable, two regiments from Madison, Wis., one regiment (to start to-morrow) from Boston, and four New York regiments from this city; two of the latter went by rail yesterday, and two go to-day. All these regiments are directed to Williamsport, that being the most convenient point in regard to transportation of supplies, &c. General Sanford (a major-general of twenty-five years' standing), in the best possible spirit, volunteered to go, with two of his most efficient regiments, to assist you. The General-in-Chief desires you to make up for him a suitable command, and to employ him as he desires, for the good of the service. You will find him worthy of your best respect and attentions.

As you were informed by telegraph this morning, Governor Curtin has been requested, with the sanction of the Secretary of War, to order two regiments of State troops to hold Cumberland for the present; which regiments are instructed to obey you or (in an extreme case) any orders they may receive from General McClellan.

The General desires me to add that, waiting for horses, we cannot yet say on what day we shall be able to attack the enemy in the direction of Manassas Junction. We hope, however, to be ready before the end of this week.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Martinsburg, Va., July 8, 1861.

The troops will move to-morrow morning in the following order:

The First (Thomas') Brigade, with the Rhode Island Battery temporarily attached thereto, will advance by the Winchester turnpike, accompanied by one squadron of cavalry.

The Seventh (Stone's) Brigade, with Perkins' battery attached thereto, will take the main street of the town (by the court-house), and will continue on the road parallel and east of the Winchester turnpike. One company of cavalry will be attached to this command.

The First (Cadwalader's) Division will follow the march of Thomas'

brigade. Doubleday's battery will advance with this division, one regiment of which will be detailed for its guard, to accompany it wherever it may be ordered.

The Second (Keim's) Division will pursue both routes; General Negley's brigade following the march of Colonel Stone, and Colonel Abercrombie's and General Wynkoop's that of General Cadwalader.

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