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166 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 166 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

WASHINGTON, July 31, 1861.

Major-General PATTERSON,

Commanding U. S. Forces at Martinsburg, Va.:

GENERAL: I telegraphed to you yesterday, if not strong enough to beat the enemy early next week, make demonstrations so as to detain him in the valley of Winchester; but if he retreats in force towards Manassas, and it be too hazardous to follow him, then consider the route via Key's Ferry, Leesburg, &c.


WASHINGTON, July 31, 1861.

His Excellency Governor CURTIN,

Governor of Pennsylvania:

SIR: I respectfully request your excellency to send five of the longterm regiments of Pennsylvania Volunteers, in addition to the two at Cumberland, to report to Major-General Patterson, say at Harper's Ferry, and the remainder of the long-term regiments to report to Lieutenant-General Scott in this city.

I am, sir respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

MARTINSBURG, VA., July 14, 1861.

COLONEL: I have thus far succeeded in keeping in this vicinity the command under General Johnston, who is now pretending to be engaged in fortifying at Winchester, but prepared to retire beyond striking distance if I should advance far.

To-morrow I advance to Bunker Hill, preparatory to the other movement. If an opportunity offers, I shall attack; but unless I can rout, shall be careful not to set him in full retreat upon Strasburg. I have arranged for the occupation of Harper's Ferry, opposite which point I have directed provisions to be sent.

Many of the three months' volunteers are very restless at the prospect of being retained over their time. This fact will cause you to hear from me in the direction of Charlestown. Want of ample transportation for supplies and baggage has prevented my moving earlier in the direction I desired.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

Colonel E. D. TOWNSEND,

Asst. Adjt. General, Hdqrs. of the Army, Washington City.

BUNKER HILL, VA., July 16, 1861.

COLONEL: I have the honor to report for the information of the General-in-Chief my advance and arrival at this place yesterday, opposed only by a body of six hundred cavalry, of which one was killed and five taken prisoners.

To-morrow I move upon Charlestown. A reconnaissance shows the Winchester road blocked by fallen trees and fences placed across it, indicating no confidence in the large force now said to be at Winchester.

Page 166 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.