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214 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 214 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

to Parkersburg, and await orders. Subsequently he received an additional supply of provisions, and directions to proceed to Glenville, and thence to Weston, unless unforeseen circumstances should require other action. Since then Colonel Tyler informed me that he was thirty-seven miles west of Glenwood. I wrote Colonel Tyler to communicate with him, and gave no further orders, until I knew your views of the forces in that direction.

One company, under captain Stinchcomb, of Colonel Sill's [Connell's] regiment, was detailed as a train guard during the 24th to 28th ultimo, when I was removed from the opportunity of communicating with them. Three companies, under Major Steele, a very intercepting officer of that regiment, was detached at Clarksburg on the 27th to proceed to Parkersburg, and there take boats for Ripley, Ravenswood, and Belleville.

The major arrived in Parkersburg on Friday, the 28th. On the same evening he embarked on two steamboats, commanded by Captain Kountz, and reached a landing two miles below Ravenswood with two landed at ravenswood.

The major proceeded to ripley, which he reached at 4 a. m. of the 29th. He placed his advance guard hidden from sight, and having surrounded the place, completely surprised it, capturing the postmaster and some eighty other secessionists. He administered the oath of allegiance to the captives; installed the postmaster newly appointed by the Government; took the captive postmaster with him to Ravenswood, where they captured all they could, and swore them in as at Ripley. The other company landed and cleared Belleville. Major Steele deemed it prudent to leave two companies (D and I) at Ravenswood, and brought the other one to Clarksburg, which he reached on the morning of the --. One company remains in Parkersburg. This being the position of the detachment of the Seventeenth, the question arises, what shall be done with them?

Will you send down all the companies of the Twenty-second to parkersburg, to enable Gilmore to test the three years' question, and return the three companies of the Seventeenth, that they may rejoin this brigade? What orders will you give for Colonel Connell? An answer to these questions seems necessary before I can give orders to Major Steele. I send this with him to expedite the matter.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major General G. B. MCLELLAN,

U. S. Army, Commanding Dep't of the Ohio, Buckhannon, Va.

Numbers 5. Report of Brigadier General W. S. Rosecrans, U. S. A., of engagement at Rich Mountain.

Beverly, Va., July 19. 1861.

MAJOR: In obedience to the order of the major-general commanding, I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of the First brigade, consisting of the Eighth and Tenth Indiana Volunteer Militia, the Thirteenth Indiana U. S. Volunteer Infantry, and the Nineteenth Ohio U. S. Volunteer Militia, which resulted in

Page 214 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.