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906 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 906 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

LYNCHBURG, VA., June 4, 1861.

R. S. GARNETT, Adjutant-General:

A telegram from Dublin Depot was received here last night by Lieutenant-Colonel Langhorne, by a person just from Parisburg, Giles County, stating that a large force from the northwest was advancing on Lewisburg. This morning the following telegram was received by him from the same place:

Last night's dispatch is confirmed by special messenger this morning. Ten thousand Northern troops and twelve hundred horse are now in Payette County, making forced marches for the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad. We want assistance. From their position they can reach the road in three days.




I send the dispatch for what it is worth. I cannot believe there is any truth in it. The country from which it comes has been very much stampeded with false rumors of insurrection on the line of the Virginia and Tennessee Road. To allay excitement, I would suggest that a special messenger be sent to Lewisburg by the Central Railroad.


Colonel, Commanding.

RICHMOND, June 4, 1861.

General J. B. FLOYD, Abingdon, Va.:

A dispatch from Colonel Early at Lynchburg states that a large force, ten thousand Northern troops, twelve hundred horse, by hard marches are pushing for the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, and advancing through Fayette County to Lewisburg. Send reliable information as far as can be obtained. Press forward organization of brigade of riflemen, and, if report is true, call out all available force and protect railroad.


RICHMOND, June 4, 1861.

General J. B. FLOYD, Wytheville, Va.:

Four regiments-three from Mississippi and one from Alabama-have been ordered to proceed to this place via Knowville, subject, however, to be stopped by you at Dublin Depot, should the news of invasion telegraphed by you to the President be confirmed, and this will be your authority to stop these troops and all others passing that route, should you deem it necessary. Commanding officers will so regard your order. One thousand muskets, with ammunition, have been ordered to Dublin Depot to your address. Acknowledge by telegraph.


Secretary of War.

RICHMOND, June 5, 1861.

General BEAUREGARD, Manassas Junction, Va.:

Send a messenger by the train to Strasburg, there to telegraph the following order to General J. E. Johnston, at Harper's Ferry, viz:

Send a detachment to Bath, with means and authority to take the arms now in charge of Colonel Sam. Johnson, and remove them to place of safety.


Page 906 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.