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951 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas


Richmond, Va., June 25, 1861.

Brigadier General J. B. MAGRUDER, Commanding, &c., Yorktown, Va.:

GENERAL: Your communication of the 22nd instant* has been duly received. The resignation of the five officers of the Zouave battalion therein mentioned, the dissatisfaction of the men, and the inability on the part of the officer to control in this battalion, as reported by you, have been sources of great regret to me. There are insurmountable obstacles in the way of the promotion of Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart, of the Fifteenth Regiment Virginia, to the command of the regiment you propose forming by the addition of two companies of Virginia volunteers to this battalion, nor is there any officer of the Army now available to be assigned to this command. I desire you to direct Lieutenant-Colonel Coppens to proceed to Richmond and report to me at these headquarters, and beg to be informed if there is no officer of the Zouave battalion, in your judgment, capable of commanding and managing it.


R. E. LEE,

General, Commanding.


Raleigh Court-House, Va., June 25, 1861.

Adjutant-General Virginia Militia, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: I have the honor to report, through yourself, to his excellency the governor and commander-in-chief, that I have just reached home, after a visitation of the One hundred and twenty-sixth, One hundred an forty-second, One hundred and eighth-fourth, One hundred and twenty-ninth Regiments of line, during which, in the unavoidable vacancy in the office of brigade-inspector (caused by Linkon's assignment to volunteer service), I trained the officers, reviewed and drilled the six regiments. By my addresses to the several regiments, to the county courts, and to the people, wherever assembled, I have been most successful in getting up a patriotic union of men, hitherto of various shades of opinion, for the defense of Virginia, and also in promoting the formation of volunteer companies, some now in the field, and several to march in a few days.

Nicholas County, One hundred and twenty-ninth Regiment, two companies, one in camp; Fayette County, One hundred and forty-second Regiment, three companies, in the field; Raleigh County, One hundred and eighty-fourth Regiment, two companies, one already gone, and one to leave Monday; Wyoming County, One hundred and ninetieth Regiment, one company; Logan County, One hundred and twenty-ninth Regiment, two companies; Boone County, One hundred and eighty-seventh Regiment, two companies, another forming; one marches to-day; one in camp. In all, twelve companies.

Thus the governor will perceive that one brigadier of Virginia militia has attempted to fulfill his responsibilities, and is ready, whenever called upon, to take the field at the head of his brigade.

With respect to some partial, and, as it seems to me, irregular and


*Not found.