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954 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 954 Chapter IX. OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA.

be spared from the different departments. When I set out to join the command at this place I left in Winchester an acting quartermaster, Mr. Thornton Pendleton, who to-day has come up to inform me that the quartermaster's department of General Johnston will not honor his requisitions for my command. I am obliged, therefore, to ask that in advance of the full organization of my regiment Mr. Pendleton by authenticated as the quartermaster to my regiment, that Captain Turner Ashby be commissioned as lieutenant-colonel, and Dr. O. R. Funsten as major of my regiment. To the last-named gentleman I am much indebted for the energy, zeal, and untiring efforts in raising volunteers; and while he has not has a military eduction, I know him to be brave and indomitable, yielding to no man in his devotion to our cause, and I doubt not speak of his qualities, for already he is known as one of the best partisan leaders in the service. Himself a thorough soldier, he is eminently qualified to command. I sincerely trust that the commission asked for may issue to him. As soon as the requisite companies are filled, which I believe will be in a few days, I will send in to be commissioned the names of the company officers.

In order that the demoralizing influences of campaign life, particularly those which attach to a border war, may be counteracted as far as possible, the Rev. James A. Averitt, of the Episcopal Church, has been induced by me to accompany the command as the acting chaplain of the regiment. Already have I seen the good emanating from the regular services and prayers of this clergyman, as we have among us not a few communicants of the church, and I need not mention to you the good effect upon the popular mind here which the presence of one whose life is devoted to God and this county will have. I am the more anxious for this last-mentioned appointment in that in having a fully commissioned and authenticated man of God with us, aside from the positive good to the command, the charges of land pirates and other unenviable sobriquets already preferred against us as parties to this partisan warfare may by the more fully met and refuted. For this gentleman, therefore, I ask this appointment.

Touching the services rendered by my command since we have been here, I will state that there spies have been captured-one of Virginia, the two others from Maryland. They are now in the jail of this county. I will send on in a day or so a detailed statement of the facts bearing upon their guilt, asking for instructions in their cases. My men keep the entire county of Hampshire thoroughly scouted, as well for he protection of the persons and property of loyal citizens as to watch the approach of hostile forces.

I have the honor to be, most respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel of Cavalry, C. S. Army.

Richmond, Va., June 26, 1861.

Major GORGAS, Chief of Ordnance Department, Richmond, Va.:

MAJOR: Upon the requisition of Brigadier-General Garnett I desire four hundred rounds of ammunition (two hundred each) to be sent with

Page 954 Chapter IX. OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA.