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983 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas


the shore from the church are good, and no distance exceeding six miles. A road opened by Colonel Pryor brings it within seven or seven and a half miles of his headquarters. The battery at Old Town (four short 32s) is in good condition, and served by two companies of Colonel Pender's regiment, under the lieutenant-colonel. I have directed one of these companies to be relieved every fortnight, that all may be instructed in battalion drill. Colonel Pryor's headquarters, with seven companies, is on Day's Neck, one-half a mile or less from the Back Wharf battery. Of six 32s, weighing 6,000 pounds, five only were mounted on the occasion of my visit. The sixth carriage was, however, at hand. Lieutenant Poindexter, in charge of this battery, has gone to Norfolk for the complete equipment of this battery. It is served by companies of Colonel Pryor's regiment near by. This battery commands the inner channel only. Burwell's Bay may be reached by the outer channel. I have stationed a company of Colonel Pryor's regiment at the Stonehouse Wharf Landing, and have directed a breastwork to be thrown up, which will command the shore, accessible on either side of the wharf. I think it very desirable that one or two field pieces (two of the old iron ones in the old custom-house at Norfolk or the iron gun on navy carriage in the same yard, would answer) be sent to this point. Another company of Colonel Pryor's regiment guards two landings near by, both of which are only available by narrow causeways. Two companies of cavalry guard and patrol the coast to Day's Point. The roads in this neighborhood are very numerous, and all have strong force be posted in this vicinity, and urgently request either that Daniel's regiment be advanced or that another regiment be sent forward. I understand that Colonel Daniel's regiment is to be held in reserve at Suffolk. It is of little or no use to me there, unless to fall back on, which I hope not to be compelled to do.

I request authority to establish a quartermaster and commissary depot at this point or near by. The troops here have not been supplied with fresh meat for six weeks. On the representation of the surgeon of Colonel Pryor's regiment, I have to-day ordered mutton or other meat to be supplied.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Artillery Brigade.

RICHMOND, July 19, 1861.

General G. T. BEAUREGARD, Commanding, &c., Manassas Junction, Va.:

We have no intelligence from General Johnston. If the enemy in front of you have abandoned an immediate attack and General Johnston has not moved, you had better withdraw call upon him, so that he may be left to his full discretion. All the troops arriving at Lynchburg are ordered to join you. From this place we will send as fast as transportation permits. The enemy is advised at Washington of the projected movement of Generals Johnston and Holmes, and may vary his plans in conformity thereto.


Adjutant and Inspector General.