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998 Series I Volume II- Serial 2 - First Manassas

Page 998 Chapter IX. OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA.

nies and entire commands, I feel assured that nearly the whole would retire from the field if they were permitted to do so.

At Monterey we now have left the commands of Lieutenant-Colonel Jackson, Colonel Fulkerson, Colonel Scott, and Lieutenant-Colonel Hansborough, Captain Jackson's three companies of cavalry, and Captain Shumaker's and Captain Rice's artillery, with three guns between them, the aggregate strength being some eighteen hundred men. It is to be hoped that this will be daily increased by the restoration to health of the sick and the return to duty of the absent. Without tents or camp equipage, and with but the clothing upon their backs, the horses of the artillery and cavalry jaded and galled, this force is far from efficient.

Twelve miles in the rear of us are stationed what is left of the First Georgia Regiment, Twenty-third Virginia (Colonel Taliaferro's), and Colonel Pegram's regiment. As they become fit for duty, or, in case of urgent necessity, they will be ordered again to advance. I am sorry to say that the Georgia regiment seems to have been almost wholly disorganized, and that what I said in praise of their conduct upon the retreat of General Garnett was not warranted by the facts.

Despite the weakness of our column upon this line, as compared with the strength of the enemy, I have not hesitated to order Colonel Gilham, with two regiments and a battalion of four companies (who arrived on yesterday), to proceed at once to Huntersville, to the support of Colonel Lee, upon the Huttonsville turnpike. You will perceive, from the letter of that most efficient officer of the 22nd instant, that he had arrived at Huntersville, took up his line of march yesterday, and, it is to be hoped, amy be to-day in the vicinity of Middle Mountain. I must confess that I feel no little anxiety about him, and would have been happy, indeed, if Colonel Gilham's command had joined him at Huntersville, which might have been accomplished had they started, in accordance with my suggestion, from the Millborough Station, on the Central Railroad. Being assured that Colonel Gilham's commission was older than that of Colonel Lee, I have assigned him to the command of all the forces upon that line.

Constant applications are made to me to furnish horses to such of the cavalry as have lost theirs in the field. I will be grateful to know what course I am to pursue in reference to them.

I trust that I shall be excused for writing so frequently and os much; but I have felt it to be due to all concerned that a full picture of our actual situation and condition should be regularly presented to the commanding general.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

RICHMOND, VA., July 25, 1861-5.30 a. m.

General S. R. ANDERSON, Lynchburg, Va.:

The President directs that you proceed immediately to Scott and Lee Counties, Virginia, and seize and punish a party of invaders said to be committing depredations at Estillville and in that region. Make use for this purpose of the two Tennessee regiment at Bristol and any other troops, volunteers or militia, whose services you may find available. Supply yourself with ammunition, powder, and lead. Celerity and caution are necessary.


Adjutant and Inspector General.

Page 998 Chapter IX. OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA.