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120 Series I Volume III- Serial 3 - Wilson's Creek

Page 120 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

The following is a list of the killed, wounded, and missing from my regiment in the battle of the 10th instant.*

A number of horses were killed and wounded belonging to those of my command.

I am satisfied, from what came under my immediate observation, that it was difficult at times to distinguish between our friends and foes during the fight. This, if possible, should be the better provided for in future.

In conclusion, it is due that I should mention the gallant bearing of Lieutenant Colonel W. P. Lane in the battle. He had his horse shot under him in the charge, and fought on foot until he mounted another horse (whose rider had been killed), and continued the fight.

Adjutant M. D. Ector and the balance of my staff, together with Captains Winston, Camby, Taylor, Short, Hale, and others, acted with great gallantry during the whole battle.

The balance of my officers and command were separated from me for several hours by a misunderstanding of the order, but from the account given of them they acted bravely and gallantly.


Colonel, Commanding, and Acting Brigadier-General.

Brigadier General BEN. McCULLOCH, Commanding, C. S. Army.

Numbers 31. Report of Captain J. G. Reid, commanding Reid's battery.

In Camp, August 11, 1861.

SIR: At the commencement of the battle on yesterday morning we were ordered by Captain McIntosh to take a position on the hill southeast of the camping grounds, supported by General Pearce's Fourth and Fifth Regiments of Infantry. We immediately got into position, and remained so for one hour, at the end of which time our first fire opened on the enemy's battery on the hill to our left. We disabled the enemy's battery after a fire of about three minutes. The Louisiana regiment then carried it.

We were then ordered by Captain McIntosh to bring our battery into position directly west of the camping ground, distance about one-half mile, where we again opened fire upon the enemy for about five minutes, when we received orders from Captain McIntosh to cease firing, the enemy being entirely repulsed. We were then ordered back to our camping grounds.

I have the honor, sir, to stat that only one man received a slight wound during our entire engagement-Private Ben. Huff. One horse los in second engagement.

Among the men who were attached to the battery it is impossible to say that any failed to fill the most sanguine expectations as to their courage; but among them I desire to mention Lieutenant Wilcox and Sergeant Loudermilk as displaying great coolness and bravery during the engagement.

I have the honor, sir, to be, yours, most respectfully,


Captain, Commanding Reid's Light Battery.

Brigadier-General McCULLOCH.


*Nominal list of casualties, omitted, shows: Killed, enlisted men,4; wounded, officers, 1, enlisted men, 21; missing, enlisted men, 6.


Page 120 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.