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126 Series I Volume III- Serial 3 - Wilson's Creek

Page 126 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

Numbers 36. Report of Colonel De. Rosey Carroll, First Arkansas Cavalry.


Greene County, Mo., August 11, 1861.

DEAR SIR: In obedience to your order of this morning, I have the honor to submit to you the following report, to wit:

The number of killed, wounded, and missing from my regiment on yesterday is as follows:

Captain Lewis' company: 2 killed, 5 wounded. (Two of Captain Lewis' company wounded thought to be mortally so.)

Captain Park's company: 1 killed, 3 wounded, 1 missing.

Captain Walker's company: 4 wounded, 3 missing. (Captain Walker wounded, but will recover.)

Captain Withers' company: 2 killed.

Captain Perkins' company: 4 wounded, 4 missing.

Captain McKissick's company: 4 wounded, 2 missing.

Captain Kelly's company: 1 missing.

Captain Armstrong's company: 1 wounded, 8 missing.

Recapitulation: 5 killed, 22 wounded, 19 missing.

Prisoners: 4 private and 1 officer brought in and turned over to headquarters.

In closing this report, the most pleasing part of it now remains to be given you; that the officers and men acted well their part in the hard battle of yesterday, for a while supporting the Missouri Infantry amid a shower of balls from the enemy's infantry, mixed with grape from their batteries, hurled thickly around us; then in the charge by flank on the Totten battery; and the execution done in the charge shows how cool and bravely all behaved; and where all did so well, there can be no discrimination. They drove the enemy in retreat from the battery, and it became easy for the infantry to march on it (Colonel McRae's infantry). The Texas regiment flanked to the left on the charge. I had been ordered to flank with it, which we did in short range for our arms, which were discharged into the enemy. I am sure that our conduct will meet the approval of our country.*

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Cavalry Regiment, Arkansas Volunteers.

Brigadier General N. B. PEARCE.

Numbers 37. Report of Captain Charles A. Carroll, Arkansas Cavalry.

CAMP ON WILSON'S CREEK, August 11, 1861.

GENERAL: On the morning of the 10th, going to General McCulloch's quarters per orders, learned the enemy was advancing in considerable force to attack us on the north, whereupon General McCulloch ordered me to have my men in the saddle at once. Returning to your quarters to notify you, found my men mounting, they having learned of an


*A statement of ammunition on hand, omitted from above report, shows that the several companies averaged less than eight rounds per man.


Page 126 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.