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137 Series I Volume III- Serial 3 - Wilson's Creek


Numbers 3. Report of Colonel H. Dougherty, Twenty-second Illinois Infantry, of skirmish at Charleston.

BIRD'S POINT, MO., August 20, 1861.

In obedience to your order to me last evening, I detailed from my command 250 men and embarked on the Cairo and Fulton Railroad, and proceeded towards Charleston in search of the enemy. On arriving at the bridge I took a forced march in that direction. On arriving at the road leading to the city I took Companies A and E, Captains Johnson and McAdams, and Colonel Hart, with the balance of the command, proceeded up the railroad track on my right. Colonel Hart had with him Company B, Lieutenant Clift commanding; Company C, Captain Stierlin; Company D,


Hubbard, and Company G, Captain Jackson. When within a short distance from the city we were fired upon by the enemy's pickets, when we set off on a run up the road leading to the city. When within about 100 yards of the public square a cavalry company of about 200 were drawn up in front of us. We halted and gave them a fire, when they retreated to a corn field on my right, near Lieutenant-Colonel Hart and his command. We then proceeded at double-quick time to the public square, where we received the full force of the enemy, and here the principal part of the engagement took place; from the corners of the streets and houses the enemy pouring a shower of balls; the city illuminated by the blaze of fire-arms.

At this time the cavalry on my right attacked Colonel Hart, as did the infantry on my right. Lieutenant-Colonel Hart fired right and left, dispersing both cavalry and infantry.

Our killed and wounded is very small, as follows: Killed, William P. Sharp, Company A. Wounded, Colonel Henry Dougherty, Lieutenant-Colonel Ransom, of the Eleventh Regiment, acting as my aide; Captain Johnson, Company A; Captain John C. Parke; Privates George T. Perry, Lewis Sharp, and Lewis Shoemaker.

Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon Lieutenant-Colonels Hart and Ransom, Captains Jackson and McAdams, and all under my command, for the able and efficient manner in which they discharged each and every duty assigned to them.

Very respectfully,


Colonel, Commanding Twenty-second Regiment Ill. Vols.

Colonel LAWLER,

Commanding, Camp Pope, Missouri

Numbers 4. Report of Captain Robert D. Noleman, First Illinois Cavalry, of skirmish at Fish Lake.


Bird's Point, Mo., August 20, 1861.

DEAR SIR: In making out my report of the result of the expedition sent to Charleston, Mo., in obedience to your order of August 19, 1861,