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200 Series I Volume III- Serial 3 - Wilson's Creek

Page 200 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

Numbers 2. Report of Commander Henry Walke, U. S. Navy.


Cairo, Ill., October 7, 1861.

GENERAL: Agreeable to your order of this morning, I proceeded down the river with the U. S. gunboat Tyler and the Lexington, under Commander Stembel, for the purpose of reconnoitering the position of the enemy as far as practicable. When approaching the head of Ion Bluffs we saw the rebel steamer Jeff. Davis, but could no get near enough ot be of effective service. proceeding on till we came in sight of their batteries, about 2 miles above Columbus, we opened on them, and succeeded in drawing the fire of five of their batteries, some of which proved to be mounted with rifled cannon. Four of their shots passed over us, one of them coming within fifty feet of the bow. Not feeling ourselves strong enough to contend with their rifled cannon, we rounded to, and returned to Cairo. When near the foot of Lucas Band the Lexington and ourselves fire several shell into Camp Belmont, from which they fired several rounds from their batteries; and on our return, just above Norfolk, we brought away two glad-boats, which we deliver subject to your order.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Commander, U. S. Navy.

Brigadier General U. S. GRANT, Commanding S. E. Dist., Cario.

OCTOBER 12-13, 1861.-Skirmish near Cluntinville and on the Pomme de Terre, Mo.

Report of Brigadier General Monroe M. Parsons, commanding Sixth Division Missouri State Guard (Confederate).

October 14, 1861.

GENERAL: General Harris' division and my own camped on Smith's farm, 5 miles from Clintonville, about 12 o'clock on Saturday last. About 3 o'clock in the evening of that day the pickets of General Harris were fired upon by a few jayhawkers in ambush, who killed 1 man and wounded 3 others. The cavalry was immediately sent out in force, and scoured the country for miles around, bringing in 5 prisoners, but we have no positive evidence that they were of the party were of the party that fired upon our troops.

On yesterday, about sunset, I received intelligence that another party of jayhawkers, about 20 in number, fire upon 7 of our party, who were over on the Pomme de Terre, about 20 miles distant, foraging for wheat. Two of our men were wounded. The forces that I had at Richie's Mill, about 20 in number, immediately started in pursuit. I also dispatched from this camp 50 men, under Captain McCarey, with instructions to proceed immediately to the mill and occupy it in the absence of the other troops, or, if necessary, move on to their relief. Sufficient time has not ye elapsed for any further report from them.

Page 200 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.