Today in History:

2 Series I Volume VIII- Serial 8 - Pea Ridge


December 25.1861.- Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis, U. S. Army, assigned to command of Southwestern District of Missouri.

Expedition to Danville, Mo.

26, 1861.- Martial law proclaimed in Saint Louis, Mo., and in and about all railroads in the State of Missouri.

27, 1861.- Skirmish near Hallsville, Mo.

28, 1861.- Action at Mount Zion Church, Mo.

29, 1861.- Descent upon Commerce, Mo.,and attack on steamer City of Alton.

Jan.1-3, 1862.- Expedition from Morristown to Dayton and Rose Hill, Mo., skirmish en route, and destruction of Dayton.

3, 1862.- Skirmish at Hunnewell, Mo.

5-12, 1862.- Operations in Johnson and La Fayette Counties, Mo., and skirmish at Columbus, Mo.

6, 1862.- Brigadier General Schuyler Hamilton, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Saint Louis District.

8, 1862.- Skirmish at Charleston, Mo.

Action at Roan's Tan-Yard, Silver Creek, Mo.

9, 1862.- Skirmish at Columbus, Mo.

10, 1862.- The Trans-Mississippi District of Department No. 2 organized, under command of Major General Earl Van Dorn, C. S. Army.

15-17, 1862.- Expeditions to Benton, Bloomfield, and Dallas, Mo.

20-24, 1862.- Operations in and about Atchison, Kans.

22, 1862.- Skirmish at Knobnoster, Mo.

Occupation of Lebanon, Mo.

29, 1862.- Major General Earl Van Dorn, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Trans-Mississippi District.

29-Feb.3.1862.- Expedition to Blue Springs, Mo.

Feb. 3, 1862.- Call for 71,000 men from the State of Missouri for Confederate service.

8, 1862.- Affair at Bolivar, Mo.

Martial law declared throughout the State of Kansas.

9, 1862.- Skirmish at Marshfield, Mo.

12, 1862.- Skirmish at Springfield, Mo.

14, 1862.- Skirmish at Crane Creek, Mo.

15, 1862.- Skirmish near Flat Creek, Mo.

Brigadier General John M. Schofield, U. S. Army, assumes command of the District of Saint Louis, Mo.

16, 1862.- Action of Potts' Hill, Sugar Creek, Ark.

17, 1862.- Action at Sugar Creek, Ark.

18, 1862.- Action of Bentonville, Ark.

18-19, 1862.- Expedition to Mount Vernon, Mo.

19, 1862.- Skirmish at West Plains, Mo.

22, 1862.- Skirmish at Independence, Mo.

23, 1862.- Fayetteville, Ark., occupied by Union forces.

Brigadier General John Pope, U. S. Army, assumes command of Army of the Mississippi, assembling at Commerce, Mo.

23-24, 1862.- Reconnaissance to Pea Ridge Prairie, Mo., and skirmish.

23-24, 1862.- Reconnaissance from Greenville, Mo., and skirmish.

24, 1862.- Skirmish at Mingo Creek, near Saint Francisville, Mo.

Skirmish at New Madrid, Mo.

25, 1862.- Skirmish at Keetsville, Barry County, Mo.

26, 1862.- Major General John P. McCown, C. S. Army, assumes command at Madrid Bend.

28, 1862.- Affair at Osage Springs, Ark.

28-April 8, 1862.- Operations at New Madrid, Mo., and Island No. 10, and descent upon Union City, Tenn.

March 3-7, 1862.- Reconnaissance to Berryville, Ark.