Today in History:

3 Series I Volume VIII- Serial 8 - Pea Ridge


March 4-11, 1862.- Scout through Lacledge, Wright, and Douglas Counties, Mo.

6- 8, 1862.- Battle of Pea Ridge, or Elkhorn Tavern, Ark.

7, 1862.- Skirmish at Fox Creek, Mo.

Skirmish at Bob's Creek Mo.

7-10, 1862.- Operations in Saline County, Mo.

8- 9, 1862.- Operations about Rolla, Mo.

9, 1862.- Skirmish on Big Creek, Mo.

Skirmish at Mountain Grove, Mo.

10, 1862.- Skirmish in La Fayette Country, Mo.

11, 1862.- The Departments of Kansas, of the Missouri,and in part of the Ohio, merged into the Department of the Mississippi, under Major-General Halleck, U. S. Army.

12, 1862.- Skirmish near Aubrey, Kans.

13, 1862.- Action at Spring River, Ark.

14, 1862.- Capture of New Madrid, Mo.

15, 1862.- Skirmish near Marshall, Mo.

16, 1862.- Skirmish near Marshall, Mo.

18-30, 1862.- Operations in Johnson, Saint Clair, and Henrcy Counties, Mo., including skirmish near Leesville, (19th).

19-23, 1862.- Operations in Johnson County, Mo.

21, 1862.- Affair at McKay's Farm, Mo.

22, 1862.- Skirmish on the Post Oak, Mo.

Skirmish at Little Santa Fe, Mo.

23, 1862.- Expedition to Little River, Mo.

24, 1862.- Scout in Saint Clair and Henry Counties, Mo.

25, 1862.- Skirmish at Monagan Springs, Mo.

25-28, 1862.- Expedition in Moniteau County, Mo., and skirmish en route.

26, 1862.- Action on the Post Oak, at mouth of the Brier, Mo.

Action at Hmansville, Mo.

Skirmish near Gouge's Mill, Mo.

29, 1862.- Skirmish on the Blackwater, near Warrensburg, Mo.

30, 1862.- Skirmish near Clinton, Mo.

31, 1862.- Skirmish at Pink Hill, Mo.

Brigadier General William W. Mackall, C. S. Army, supersedes Major-General McCown in command at Madrid Bend, Mo.

April 1, 1862.- Skirmish on the Little Sni, Mo.

Skirmish at Doniphan, Mo.

2, 1862.- Skirmish near Walkersville, Mo.

Brigadier General James W. Denver, U. S. Army, assumes command of District of Kansas.

2-4, 1862.- Reconnaissance from Cape Girardeau to Jackson, Whitewater, and Dallas, Mo.

8, 1862.- Skirmish near Warrensburg, Mo.

Skirmish near Warsaw, Mo.

Scout through Gadfly, Newtonia, Granby, Neosho, and the valley of Indian Creek, Mo., and skirmishers.

Skirmish at Medicine Creek, Mo.

9, 1862.- Skirmish at Jackson, Mo.

Brigadier General Mosby M. Parsons, Mo. S. G., assumes command of Missouri Guard (Confederate).

9-16, 1862.- Scout to Shiloh Camp, on Hoyle's Run, near Quincy, Mo., and skirmishes; scout to Little Niangua, Hickory County, Mo.; and scout from Humansville to Montevallo, Vernon County, Mo.

10, 1862.- Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis, U. S. Army, assumes command of the District of Kansas.