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30 Series I Volume XI-III Serial 14 - Peninsular Campaign Part III


bands have stated the same thing. I forwarded to the provost-marshal to-day a prisoner of the name of Grimes, who lives at the mouth of Potomac Creek; is a man of wealth and standing. He says that the rebels have destroyed a part of the railroad bridge at Fredericksburg. It is confirmed by no one else.


Brigadier-General, Commanding Division.

HEADQUARTERS, Seminary, March 22 1862.

(Received 10.30 p. m.)

General R. B. MARCY:

General Dix was some time since ordered to form a brigade for active service under General Lockwood, and to order General Lockwood with nearly all his troops to Baltimore. General Lockwood will arrive with the Second Delaware Regiment, the infantry of Purnell's Legion, Third Maryland Volunteers, and First Maryland Cavalry. General Dix seems to indicate this as General Lockwood's future command, and says if they be taken from him he needs two regiments.

The following is general Dix's command: Second Artillery, U. S. army, garrison of Fort McHenry, aggregate 78; Third New York Volunteers, garrison of Fort McHenry, aggregate 826, Fifth New York Volunteers, Colonel Warren garrison of forts Federal Hill and Marshall, aggregate 981; First Maryland Cavalry, Baltimore, aggregate 664; Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, Baltimore, aggregate 993; Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, guarding Northern Central Railroad, aggregate 1,008; Fourth New York Volunteers, guarding Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, aggregate 803; One hundred and eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, guarding baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Annapolis, aggregate 845, L Battery, New York Artillery, Baltimore, aggregate 136; Patapsco Guards, guarding Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, aggregate 103. Artillery, 214; cavalry, 644; infantry, 5,559.

Brigadier-General Lockwood, Peninsula Brigade: Second Delaware Volunteers, Drummondtown, Va., aggregate 735; First Eastern Shore Maryland Home Guards, Salisbury, Md., aggregate 803; Second Eastern Shore Maryland Home Guards, Drummondtown, Va., aggregate 592; Purnell Legion, Eastville, Va., aggregate 1,115.

Unorganized regiments in Baltimore, but mostly armed: Third Maryland Volunteers, Baltimore, aggregate 673; Fourth Maryland Volunteers, Baltimore, aggregate 357; baltimore Light Infantry, Baltimore, aggregate 383.

The effective force, besides the cavalry not employed either garrisoning forts or in guarding railroads, is Buttery L. New York Artillery and the One hundred and eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, which is divided up to protect the public property in the barracks of troops recently withdrawn from the division. Garrison of fort Delaware, regulars, 46, &c.

BALTIMORE, March 21.


Fort Delaware was accidentally omitted in the report sent to you, though no reliable report could have been made, in consequence of recent changes not reported until this morning. I send you the following report, just received: Detachment of regulars, aggregate 47; independent battery artillery, Pennsylvania Volunteers, aggregate 95; independent battery, Captain Jones, Pennsylvania Volunteers, aggregate 78; Battery A, First Battalion Marine and Fortification Artillery, aggregate 85, Battery B, First Battalion Marine and Fortification Artillery, aggregate 94; total for duty 340; aggregate 399.



Assistant Adjutant-General.