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36 Series I Volume XI-III Serial 14 - Peninsular Campaign Part III


brigade, and will be assisted by a sergeant detached for that purpose from the brigade.

The reserve ammunition of artillery is to be in charge of the senior artillery of the division, who will also have a sergeant detached, if possible from the artillery, but if not, from the division.

Minor reparations to small-arms will be made by some competent soldier, who will be detailed on extra duty from each brigade for the purpose, to serve under the brigade quartermaster.

By command of Major-General McClellan:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Numbers 90. Near Alexandria Seminary, Va., March 24, 1864.

The cavalry serving with the army is assigned to duty as follows:

Colonel J. M. Davies; First New York Cavalry, Colonel McReynolds, Brigadier General J. P. Hatch to have command of the cavalry serving with the First Army Corps.

To the Second Army Corps, Sumner's.- Third New York Cavalry, Colonel Van Alen; Eighth Illinois Cavalry, Colonel Farnsworth, heretofore serving with Hamilton's division, Third Corps; one squadron of the Sixth New York Cavalry, Colonel Devin. Brigadier-Central


will report to General Sumner for the command of the cavalry serving with his corps.

To the Third Army Corps, Heintzelman's. - Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Averell; First New Jersey Cavalry, Colonel Wyndham.

To the Fourth Corps, Keyes' - First Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Bayard, now serving with McCall's division, First Corps; Fifth Pennsylvania Cavalry (late Friedman's); Fourth New York Cavalry, Colonel Dickel, now serving with Blenker's division, Second Corps.

To the Fifth Corps, banks'. - Fifth New York Cavalry, Colonel De Forest; First Vermont Cavalry, Colonel Holliday; First Michigan Cavalry, Colonel Brodhead; First New England Cavalry, Colonel Lawton; First Maine Cavalry, Colonel Allen; the Maryland Cavalry, eighteen companies, the battalion of Pennsylvania Cavalry, and the squadron of Virginia Cavalry now with Shields' division.

The Cavalry Reserve will be commanded by Brigadier General P. St. George Cooke, U. S. Army, and will consist of two brigades, as follows:

First Brigade, to be commanded by Brigadier General W. H. Emory; Fifth U. S. Cavalry, Sixth U. S. Cavalry, Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Rush.

Second Brigade, to be commanded by Colonel George A. H. Blake, First Cavalry: First U. S. Cavalry, Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Gregg, now serving with Porter's division, Third Army Corps; Barker's squadron of Illinois Cavalry, Captain Mann's company of Oneida Cavalry.

The Third Indiana Cavalry, now with Hooker's division, Third Army Corps, to report for duty to Brigadier General James S. Wadsworth, military governor of the District of Columbia.

Such of the above-named regiments and detachments as are not now serving with the commands to which they are assigned will be immediately reported by letter to the commanders indicated, but will continue on duty as at present until further orders.