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111 Series I Volume XI-III Serial 14 - Peninsular Campaign Part III


to recover to-morrow by offering 4 well men in excharge. The officer bearing the flag acknowledge a severe loss on their part, and spoke in high terms of the conduct of our men. It has been raining this evening, but has now ceased.


Major-General, Commanding.

HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, Near Yorktown, April 19, 1862.

General J. W. RIPLEY:

Please send, in addition to previous requisition, 100 rounds for all the siege and field guns of this army. We shall need them to destroy the enemy's parapet. He is playing the game of concealing his guns when under fire, and we must use our shells as mines, and the parapet fuses should be arranged accordingly.


WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington City, D. C. April 19, 1862.

Major-General McCLELLAN,

Commancding Army of the Potomac, Yorktown, Va.:

GENERAL: The Secretary will endeavor to have nominations for brigade quartermasters now before the Senate confirmed, and as officers can be reached your requisitions for quartermasters will be supp;ied. In the mean time you should detail such lieutenants as your chief quartermaster or brigade commanders select for temporary duty as acting assistant quartermasters. I have none avaialbe whom I have not already ordered to duty.

Captain Myers, for whom General Wan Vliet asks, is chief quartermaster of General McDowell's corps d'armee. Colonel Ingalls, his former chief quartermaster, is with you. This left McDowell's corps without any quartermaster of experience.



QUARTERMASTER-GENERAL'S OFFICE, Washington City, April 19, 1862.

Major-General McCLELLAN,

Commanding Army of the Potomac, Yokrtown:

GENERAL: I have telegraphed to you in relation to quartermasters. I wish I could supply General Van Vliet's requisition for quartermasters of experience, but the few such are either out of my command (being attached to armies in the field, and subject, therefore, like those with you, to the orders of their immediate commanding officers, or employed in those positions and duties in which experience is indispensable to the equipment, support, and supply of the army in the field) of are on parole, or physically unable to take the field.

I have endeavored to procure for you the authority which I think important to the good of the service, to confer acting appointments as