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10 Series I Volume XXXIX-III Serial 79 - Allatoona Part III

Page 10 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MIS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

KENESAW MOUNTAIN, October 1, 1864-9 p. m.


All quiet here.


Signal Officer.

In the Field, Atlanta, Ga., October 1, 1864.

General McARTHUR, Marietta;

I hear the enemy is on the WEST bank of the Chattahoochee. I have cavalry watching them, but you should keep your me well in hand, and if possible hold fast to Marietta and the apex to Kenesaw. General John E. Smith will do the same at Allatoona, and should Hood attempt to interpose his army between us and the Etowah I will at once come against him with my whole army. General Garrard will more toward Powder Springs and Dallas to-morrow.


Major-General, Commanding.

LOUISVILLE, KY., October 2 [1], 1864-1. 10 p. m.

Major-General SHERMAN:

I have received your dispatch of yesterday*, expressing surprise at my absence. I thought you understood all about it, for I informed you that I wished to attend to private business, as well as to visit East Tennessee and Kentucky. I have been ready all the time to go to the front whenever you should call me, and understood that you were to telegraph me as soon as you heard from General Grant. My official business here is much more important than at Knoxville, or even at the front, while the army is not in motion. I will go forward as soon as the road is open, or if Forrest keeps it broken as soon as I can get my cavalry here I will go after him and help to dispose of him. I have no desire to be away from the field longer than absolutely necessary, and would gladly wash my hands of this whole Kentucky business if I could do so.



LOUISVILLE, KY., October 1, 1864-5 p. m.

Major-General SHERMAN:

General Ammen started on Tuesday from Bull's Gap in pursuit of the enemy toward Virginia. General Burbridge was to be at Pound Gap on the 26th. I have not heard from them since. I have sent an order through General Tillson for them to return via Knoxville and move against Forrest. I am mounting my dismounted cavalry here for the same purpose as rapidly as possible. I consented to the expedition into Virginia because General Halleck advised it.




* As recorded in Sherman's letter-book it bears date of October 1, but the copy filed with Schofield's records is dated September 30, and marked "Received October 1". See Part II, p. 540.


Page 10 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MIS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.