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76 Series I Volume XLVI-I Serial 95 - Appomattox Campaign Part I

Page 76 N.AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

drove them 2 p.m. At 4.40 o'clock connected with Sixth Corps and moved down the Farmville road to Sailor's Creek, where the enemy made a stand; drove them, taking 250 wagons, 75 ambulances, several battle-flags, and between 600 and 700 prisoners. The enemy's route was strewn with wagons, camp and garrison equipage. The enemy's route was strewn with wagons, camp and garrison equipage. General Barlow reported early in the morning and was assigned to the command of the Second Division.

April 7.-Marched to High Bridge and found the enemy on the high ground on other side of Appomattox River in line of battle; they retired and we followed. The bridge was set on fire, but was saved. The corps captured 18 guns and 400 prisoners. Barlow moved down the railroad, and First and Third [Divisions] took a road two miles from the bridge, turning to the right, leading to the Farmville and Lynchburg stage road, striking it some miles above Farmville. Here the enemy was found in strong force, and we failed to find their flank, so no attack was ordered. Barlow forced them and destroyed 150 wagons. General Smyth, commanding Third Brigade, Second Division, was mortally wounded.

April 8.-Left capt at 7 a. m.; marched down the Farmville and Lynchburg stage road one mile and a half toward the right, on the road leading to Buckingham Court-House. At Coalpit turned to the right and marched on a road running parallel to plank road, and marched through New Store. Rested two hours and a half. Received orders to march until we had the enemy on our immediate front. Left at 9.30 o'clock; marched until 12.30 o'clock. The men were so exhausted for want of smothering to eat that a halt was ordered; went into camp and rations were issued.

April 9.-Left camp at 9 o'clock and marched to within five miles of Appomattox Court-House halted. At 4 o'clock received new that General Lee had surrendered his army.

April, 10.-Remained quiet.

April 11.-Left camp at 10.30 o'clock; marched to New Store, and encamped for the night.

April 12.-Left camp at 6.30 o'clock; marched one mile and a half; struck plank road; marched through Curdsville; crossed Little Willis River, passing through Farmville; encamped near Bush River.

April 13.-Left camp at 8 o'clock; moved to burkeville. Remained at Burkeville during the remainder of the month.

May 1.-At burkeville.

May 2.-Moved from Jetersville, via Amelia Court-House, across the Appomattox at Goode's Bridge.

May 4.-Moved from Goode's Bridge to Two-Mile Creek, five miles from Richmond.

May 5.-Moved to Manchester.

May 6.-Moved through Richmond by Brook road to Brook Creek.

May 7.-Moved across Chickahominy at Winston's Bridge via Hanover Court-House; across Pamunkey at Littlepage's Bridge.

May 8.-Moved pass Concord Church, Chesterfield Station, Old Chesterfield, Mount Carmel Church, by telegraph road, to vicinity of Golansville.

May 9.-Moved by telegraph road across Pole-Cat, Mat, Ta, Po, and Ny to Massaponax Church.

May 10.-Moved through Fredericksburg across Rappahannock; passed Washington, Oder's, Cockley Store, to Old Tavern.

May 11.-Passed Tusculum to Middle Run.

Page 76 N.AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.