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77 Series I Volume XLVI-I Serial 95 - Appomattox Campaign Part I


May 12.-Marched to vicinity of Wolf Run Shoals, on Occoquan.

May 13.-Marched ot Bailey's Cross-roads and encamped, remaining here during the rest of the month.

[June.]-No change of station during the month.

First Division.

February 5.-The Fourth Brigade of this division was ordered to Hatcher's Run, and formed in line on the right of the Third Division.

February 9.-It returned, not having been engaged. On the same day the division moved to the left, its right resting at Fort Gregg, its left at the chimneys of the Westermoreland house, and threw up a line of works.

[March 25.]-The division remained in camp in the breast-works, near Squirrel Level road, until the morning of this date, when attacking parties were sent out form the First and Fourth Brigades to occupy the enemy's picket-line. This was done, and the movement was followed by the advance of the entire command to the new position gained. During the afternoon three determined attacks were repulsed. A strong picket-line was left upon the ground occupied, when the division returned to its formed camp behind the entrenchments.

March 20.-The division marched by the left flank across Hatchers' Run, and formed line on the left of the Third Division. Advanced in line to Dabney's Mill road the next day, with the left resting at the Boydton plank road.

March 31.-Moved to the left, relieving the Fifth Corps from the position held by them. At 12.30 p. m. the division advanced to the relief of the Fifth Corps, then engaged with the enemy. The Third and Fourth Brigades, striking the rebels in flank and driving them to their session of the White Oak road. Subsequently moved to the right, entrenched the line, and bivouacked.

First Brigade, First Division.

February.-This brigade broke camp on the morning of the 9th, and moved about one mile and a half to the left, in the direction of Hatcher's Run, to a new position, which we [have] since occupied.

March 9.-This brigade was reviewed by Brevet Major-General Miles,with the rest of the division.

March 23.-This brigade was reviewed, with the rest of the corps, by Major-General Humphreys.

March 25.-At 6 a. m. this brigade was ordered to be ready to move. Two hundred men of the Sixty-first New York Volunteers marched out of our entrenchments, with orders to attack the enemy's picket-line and break it if possible. They made the attack, but were repulsed, with a small loss, owing to the dense undergrowth and swamp in their front. They then moved half a mile to the left and renewed to assault, driving the enemy from their strong entrenched picket-line and holding the same. The brigade now moved out to their support and was deployed on the line. The enemy made two different assaults to regain their lost position, but were each time handsomely repulsed. At 12 midnight the brigade was withdrawn, and returned to camp.

March 29.-At 6 a. m. the brigade moved down the Vaughan road, crossing Hatcher's Run, and bivouacked about five miles from the run, near Brown house.