Today in History:

79 Series I Volume XLVI-I Serial 95 - Appomattox Campaign Part I


May 6.-Took up our line of march for Fredericksburg, passing through Richmond and halting about seven miles from the city for the night, near the branch of the Chickahominy River.

May 7.-Marched about twenty miles, crossing the Pamunkey River,and encamped near it for the night.

May 8.-On the march; crossed the Pole-Cat River, and encamped about seven miles from it for the night.

May 9.-On the march; crossed the Mat, Po, and Ta Rivers, and encamped for the night near the old battle-ground, Spotsylvania.

May 10.-Passed through Fredericksburg, crossing the Potomac Creek, and encamped near it for the night.

May 11 and 12.-On the march, nothing of importance occurring during the day.

May 13.-Crossed the Occoquan Creek at Wolf Run Shoals, and crossing the Orange and alexandria Railroad at Burke's Station, encamped for the night near Mason's Hill, about seven miles from Alexandria, and remaining encamped until the morning of the 15th.

May 15.-Marched about four miles, and encamped near Fourth-Mile Run, where we still remain.

May 23.-Participated in grand review of the Army of the Potomac at Washington.

May 31.-took part in the review of the Second Army Corps at Ball's Cross-Roads, and remain still encamped, with the division, at Fort-Mile Run.

Second Brigade, First Division.

February.-Remained in camp employed in drill, and furnished various details until the 9th; then, from orders from division headquarters, moved camp to the left about two miles, and established in rear of First, Third, and Fourth Brigades. Since then remained in camp furnishing ordinary details. Regimental and brigade drill have been held when weather and circumstances would permit.

[March.]-The brigade remained in camp, furnishing details for picket, &c.; also employed in drill and military instruction until the 25th instant, when it broke camp and advanced, capturing the picket-lines of the enemy, who made repeated attempts to regain it, but were handsomely repulsed. The action lasted about three hours, when the brigade was relieved by a portion of the Fifth corps and was ordered to return to camp. The losses in the action were 16th enlisted men killed, 7 commissioning; total, 178.

The brigade remained in camp until the 29th instant, when it broke camp and marched, with the division, to the left, across Hatcher's Run and toward the South Side Railroad, occasionally skirmishing with the enemy.

March 31.-Still continuing the advance.

[April.]-This brigade took a prominent part in the campaign, being in the charge at Sutherland's Station and in the advance through the entire campaign, capturing many prisoners, 2 battle-flags, and losing in killed, wounded, and missing 147 men.

April 11.-Joined the division in the march to Burkewille, where it remains [April 30], engaged in drill and military instruction.