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92 Series I Volume XLVI-I Serial 95 - Appomattox Campaign Part I

Page 92 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

April 3.-It was discovered that the enemy had evacuated Petersburg, and from that time to the 9th the division was in close pursuit, sometimes with the Army of the Potomac and sometimes with the cavalry. Long and tiresome marches were made daily, but the division was not engaged until the morning of the 9th.

April 9.-The rebel Army of Northern Virginia surrendered. At this time the division had the good fortune to be advancing rapidly in line of battle, and the flag of truce preparatory to negotiations came through its skirmish line, which had already driven the enemy more than a mile, its left wing capturing a caisson and putting to flight a battery, while the right had advanced near to the town. After the surrender the division remained at Appomattox Court-House until the 15th.

April 15.-Marched to Burkeville and afternoon encamped along the South Side Railroad, doing picket on that part of the road between Burkeville and Nottoway Court-House, the headquarters being at the latter place.

May 12.-The division reached the banks of the Potomac, having left Nottoway Court-House on May 1.

First Brigade, Second Division.

February 5.-The brigade broke camp near the Gurley house, Va.; marched down the Halifax road to Rowanty Creek, and lay in line of battle until midnight, when it moved back upon the Vaughan road and occupied a line of breast-works to the left of the road about a mile west of the run. About 1 p. m. moved out to the support of Gregg's cavalry, who were skirmishing heavily with the enemy; relieved the cavalry pickets. The enemy attempted to advance several times, but were repulsed. Being relieved by the First Brigade of the First Division, the brigade was ordered out on picket, where it remained until the afternoon of the 7th. It established camp soon after its being relieved from picket, about two miles to the right of the Vaughan road, where it has since then remained.

Second Brigade, Second Division.

February 5 (Sunday).-This brigade marched from its camp near the Gurley house at 7 a. m. in a westerly direction; crossed Hatcher's Run about noon of the same day, and proceeding until 4 p. m., took position at the Vaughan house, on the rebel military road. At 11 p.m. marched back to Hatcher's Run, taking position in breast-works at daylight.

February 6.-At 2 p. m. we followed Crawford's division, formed in line, and advanced into the woods; encountered the enemy; charged and drove him to Dabney's Mill; fought him in a brisk action until all the ammunition on the persons of the men was consumed, after which we were relieved by other troops. The engagement lasted two hours and a half, during which time we sustained a loss of 3 officers and 9 men killed, 3 officers and 85 men wounded, and 15 men missing. After several days' work throwing up entrenchments, the brigade, on the 11th, went into camp near Hatcher's Run, whored it has remained during the balance of the month.

March 29.-Found the brigade on the march, in the center of the division, and after passing Rowanty Creek, about 9 a. m., it reached the Vaughan road about noon, after a march of eight or ten miles.

March 30.-Crossed Gravelly Run.

Page 92 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.