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95 Series I Volume XLVI-I Serial 95 - Appomattox Campaign Part I


February 6.-Moved at 4 a. m.; marched back to Hatcher's Run. At 2 p. m. division moved upon the enemy, and drove him to his works near Armstrong's or Dabney's Mill. The enemy being heavily re-enforced, in turn drove our line back to the run.

February 7.-Line again formed at 10 a. m. and advanced on the enemy, driving them from lines of rifle-pits into their main line of works. Heavy skirmishing continued during the entire day.

February 8.-Division principally on picket.

February 9.-Returned to formed camp for baggage, &c.

February 10.-Marched to and established present camp near Halifax road.

March 29.-Division broke camp at Hatcher's Run and moved in a southwesterly direction, crossing Rowanty Creek; thence following Quaker road until vicinity of Boydton plank road was reached near Gravelly Run, where enemy was found; formed line of battle on left of First Division; deployed skirmishers, covering front of division. The enemy retreated before our advance.

March 30.-Moved to Boydton plank road, forming line parallel. Same day occupied in throwing up breast-works, behind which the troops lay during remainder of day and night.

March 31.-Line formed at 6.30 a. m. and moved out; followed Boydton plank road two miles, then filed to the right, halted, and massed in woods near an open field. The advance of Second Division checked by superior force of the enemy; fell back to prevent capture of division; line was again formed and further advance of the enemy successfully arrested.

April 1.-Moved from Gravelly Run. Action of Five Forks.

April 2.-Moved to Ford's Station and down the Namozine road. Engagement with enemy's rear guard at night.

April 3.-Moved to Jetersville.

April 4.-Moved to Jetersville.

April 6.-Moved through Paineville and to Sailor's Creek, near High Bridge, over the Appomattox River.

April 7.-Moved across the Appomattox River to Prince Edward Court-House.

April 8.-Moved to Evergreen Station.

April 9.-Moved to Appomattox Court-House. Lee's surrender.

April 15.-Moved east of Pamplin's Station.

April 16.-Moved to Farmville.

April 17.-Moved to headwaters of Little Sandy River, near Price's Station.

April 20.-Moved near Nottoway Court-House.

April 21.-Moved near Blacks and Whites Station, the command guarding the railroad from Nottoway to Wilson's Station.

May 1.-Moved from Blacks and White Station to Wilson's Station.

May 2.-Moved to Sutherland's Station.

May 3.-Marched through Petersburg to eight miles from Manchester.

May 4.-Marched to Manchester.

May 6.-Marched through Richmond to Peake's Turn-Out.

May 7.-Marched to Concord Church.

May 8.-Crossed the Mattapony and marched to Milford Station.

May 9.-Marched to Fredericksburg, crossing the Rappahannock.

May 10.-Marched to Chopawamsic Creek, near Aquia Creek.

May 11.-Marched to near Fairfax Station.

May 12.-Marched to Ball's Cross-Roads and encamped.

[June.]-The division has remained in camp during the entire month.