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10 Series I Volume XLVI-II Serial 96 - Appomattox Campaign Part II

Page 10 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.

him with them. I cannot go myself so long as General Butler would be left in command. I will state that the former expedition was put under Weitzel by order, and I never dreamed of Butler going until he stopped here on his way down the river. The operations taking place within the geographical limits of his department, I did not like to order him back.



WASHINGTON, January 2, 1865-9 p. m.

Lieutenant General U. S. GRANT,

City Point:

There are no transports at Baltimore. A number are collecting at Fort Monroe. Inquiry made as to transports available at New York. Will know to-morrow. Do you wish any sent from New York to Baltimore, and if so, for how many men?


CITY POINT, VA., January 2, 1865-11 p. m.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

I do not know how many men General Sheridan will send-probably 4,000. My idea was that he could send them easier to Baltimore than Washington, and by having the infantry loaded on sea-going transports they could be sent direct to Wilmington if a lodgment is effected. We will probably reach Porter's fleet next Friday; transports, however, are not all at Fort Monroe yet.



CITY POINT, VA., January 2, 1865-10 p. m. (Received 11 p. m.)

Honorable G. V. FOX,

Assistant Secretary of Navy:

It was to-day I said vessels were to be assembled at Fort Monroe. The whole number required are not there yet. Admiral Porter should coal and fill up at once, and be ready. The troops will probably be off Fort Fisher by Friday next. I think the fleet can furnish boats enough if they cannot be got conveniently elsewhere.



WASHINGTON, January 2, 1865-8 p. m.

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

I have telegraphed to all the navy-yards for boats; I am afraid we cannot have many on hand; there are only two at this yard, which will leave immediately. Perhaps the quartermaster at New York better be directed to go into the market and purchase all he can find; such sized boats are scarce. Please write fully to Admiral Porter as early as possible. I notified him yesterday of the fact only, knowing no

Page 10 N. AND SE. VA., N. C., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.