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79 Series I Volume XLVI-III Serial 97 - Appomattox Campaign Part III


from our friends he did not dare communicate with them again before leaving town the next day. He describes the train, however, and the troops with great particularity, and we have no doubt from his statement that troops were forwarded at that time. He heard a bare rumor that they were going to Amelia Court-House. Our friends in Richmond send us word that the Virginia Central Railroad is expected to be in running order as far as the Rivanna River in ten days from day before yesterday. They also say that the remnant of Hood's army, under General Cheatham, has reached General Joseph Johnston. The following is in writing, and, not being understood by us, is given exactly as forwarded:

Morgan's returned prisoners are being sent to Abingdon. If you do not take a hostage for Colonel Asworth (see dispatch of March 15), he will be hung.

The Richmond Dispatch of March 15 contains the following:


Yesterday one of the prisoners of war at the Libby, Colonel J. H. Asworth, of the First Regiment U. S. Georgia Volunteers, was transferred from that place to Catle Thunder, he having been recognized as a former captain in the C. S. service.

Our friends say that up to last Saturday, so far as they could learn, only three companies of negro troops had been raised. They are being drilled. It is, of course, possible that more than this number have been recruited, but our friends seem to be certain that no more have been organized into companies. The following is give as indicative of the present condition of Richmond:

May God bless and bring you soon to deliver us. We are in anawful situation here. There is great want of food.

Word is sent us of the return of Pickett's division, heretofore reported, to a position on the Williamsburg road, but our friends do not believe that the whole division is there, without saying, however, how much of it is or is not.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Lieutenant General U. S. GRANT,

Commanding Armies of the United States:

GENERAL: I will march from the White House on the morning of the 25th instant, and will cross the Chickahominy at Jones' Bridge, encamping that night between Charles City Court-House and Westover. The next day, the 26th, I can cross at Deep Bottom, and will require forage at some convenient point not far from the bridge. When the column reaches Harrison's Landing I will crossover to City Point to see you and make such preparations as may be necessary to carry out the views expressed in your communication of March 19. I think the route by Charles City Court-House the best for me to take and the one which will give you no trouble by movement of troops; the road is good, the crossing of the Chickahominy not difficult. We have with us 200 feet of bridging, which I think sufficient. To-morrow an engi-