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1344 Series I Volume XLVI-III Serial 97 - Appomattox Campaign Part III

Page 1344 N. AND SE.VA., W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.


General W. N. PENDLETON,
Chief of Artillery:

GENERAL: I have received your note of 21st concerning promotion. I believe the status is now as follows: Huger's battalion wants one major or lieutenant-colonel; Haskell's, Hardaway's, and Stark's battalions want one major each; Leyden's battalion wants one lieutenant-colonel and one major; Cabell's is doubtful and had best be considered filled for the present; Johnson's and King's have but two batteries each and are entitled to no more at present. Lightfoot's and others on intermediate line I don't know about, having only heard last night from General Lee that he considers me as commanding the artillery in the interior lines, so there are wanted one lieutenant-colonel and five majors. Major Leyden may be promoted to lieutenant-colonel, and this will leave six majors to be promoted. There are now unassigned Parker and Dance. Give Dance to Stark and Parker to Huger or Haskell [either would be glad to get him; probably he had better stay with Huger; I recommend that]. I then recommend Moody for major for Haskell [Haskell asks it]; Garden, major for Hardaway; Lamkin and Woolfolk, majors for Leyden, unless there is a vacancy in Lightfoot's battalion, in which case Lamkin might go to this and Woolfolk and one of Leyden's captains for Leyden. I am anxious to get some new material in Leyden's captains for Leyden. I am anxious to get some new material in Leyden's command, and both Woolfolk and Lamkin are well adapted to it. I approve of Colonel Hardaway's promotion, but don't see how it can be done unless we consolidate that and one of Marmaduke Johnson's, which would be, I think, advantageous. Hardaway well deserves it and it would make a fine battalion under one of the best officers in the army. I send herewith a formal recommendation of the officers above unencumbered with the discussions above.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General of Artillery.

I have written another letter concerning Johnson's battalion. If there is a vacancy in Cabell's we can then promote Carlton. If in King's we can promote Walker, but I think all the above should have precedence in promotion over Walker, for they are as good and older and of more service and experience.


Brigadier General G. H. STEUART,
Commanding Pickett's Division:

General Longstreet wishes you to place a regiment on picket to-morrow at the crossing on White Oak Swamp at Mrs. Hobson's, the point at which the enemy crossed on 27th of October last. You will direct them to throw up a line of rifle-pits and prepare to hold the crossing. General Gary has a cavalry picket at the crossing now, which will remain in addition to your force. In making the work you had better apportion it out at the rate of about ten feet per day to a man.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Page 1344 N. AND SE.VA., W.VA.,MD., AND PA. Chapter LVIII.