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16 Series I Volume V- Serial 5 - West Virginia

Page 16 OPERATIONS IN MD., N. VA., AND W. VA. Chapter XIV.

Artillery; Matthews' battery (F), First Pennsylvania Artillery; Tompkins' battery (A), First Rhode Island Artillery.

Infantry.-Abercrombie's brigade: Twelfth Massachusetts, Twelfth and Sixteenth Indiana, and Thirtieth Pennsylvania Volunteers. Stiles' brigade: Third Wisconsin, Twenty-ninth Pennsylvania, and Thirteenth Massachusetts Volunteers and Ninth New York State Militia [Eighty-third Volunteers]. Gordon's brigade: Second Massachusetts, Twenty-eighth and Nineteenth New York, Fifth Connecticut, Forty-sixth and Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania, and First Maryland Volunteers.


Cavalry.-Second New York Cavalry (Harris' Light), Colonel Davies.

Artillery.-Battery M, Second, and Battery G, First, U. S. Artillery.

Infantry.-Keyes' brigade; Fourteenth New York State Militia [Eighty-fourth Volunteers], and Twenty-second, Twenty-fourth, and Thirtieth New York Volunteers. Wadsworth's brigade: Twelfth, Twenty-first, Twenty-third, and Thirty-fifth New York Volunteers. King's brigade: Second, Sixth, and Seventh Wisconsin, and Nineteenth Indiana Volunteers.


Cavalry.-First New Jersey Cavalry, Colonel Halsted.

Artillery.-Thompson's battery (G), U. S. Artillery.

Infantry.-Richardson's brigade: Second, Third, and Fifth Michigan, and Thirty-seventh New York Volunteers. Sedgwick's brigade: Third and Fourth Maine and Thirty-eighth and Fortieth New York Volunteers. Jameson's brigade: Thirty-second, Sixty-third, Sixty-first, and Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and Wild Cat Reserves (Pennsylvania Volunteers).


Calvary.-Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Averell, and Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry, Colonel Gregg.

Artillery.-Battery E, Second, and Battery E, Third, U. S. Artillery.

Infantry.-Morell's brigade: Thirty-third Pennsylvania, Fourth Michigan, Ninth Massachusetts, and Fourth New York Volunteers. Martindale's brigade: Thirteenth New York, Second Maine, and Eighteenth Massachusetts Volunteers, and De Kalb [Forty-first] Regiment New York Volunteers. Butterfield's brigade: Fiftieth New York, Eighty-third Pennsylvania, Seventeenth and Twenty-fifth New York Volunteers, and Stockton's Independent Michigan [Sixteenth] Regiment.


Cavalry.-First New York Cavalry, Colonel McReynolds.

Artillery.-Batteries D and G, Second U. S. Artillery, and Hexamer's battery (New Jersey Volunteers).

Infantry.-Kearny's brigade: First, Second, Third, and Fourth New Jersey Volunteers. Slocum's brigade: Sixteenth, Twenty-sixth, and Twenty-seventh New York, and Fifth Maine Volunteers. Newton's brigade: Fifteenth, Eighteenth, Thirty-first, and Thirty-second New York Volunteers.


Cavalry.-Six companies Third New York (Van Alen) Cavalry.

Artillery.-Kirby's battery (I), First United States; Vaughn's battery (B), First Rhode Island Artillery, and Bunting's Sixth New York Independent Battery.

Infantry.-Gorman's brigade: Second New York State Militia [Eighty-second Volunteers], First Minnesota, Fifteenth Massachusetts, and Thirty-fourth New York Volunteers, and Tammany [Forty-second] Regiment New York Volunteers. Lander's brigade: Nineteenth and Twentieth Massachusetts, and Seventh Michigan Volunteers, and a company of Massachusetts Sharpshooters. Baker's brigade: Pennsylvania Volunteers (First, Second, and Third California).


Artillery.-Batteries D and H, First Pennsylvania Artillery.

Infantry.-Couch's brigade: Second Rhode Island, Seventh and Tenth Massachusetts, and Thirty-sixth New York Volunteers. Graham's brigade: Twenty-third and.

Page 16 OPERATIONS IN MD., N. VA., AND W. VA. Chapter XIV.