Today in History:

81 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


February 17. -Passed through the city and went into camp. Remained in same position until February 20, assisting in the destruction of a large portion of the Columbia Branch and South Carolina Railroad in the meantime.

February 20. -Marched with the army and continued on the move up to the present date; distance marched during the month, 212 miles.

March 1. -The brigade marched with the division, crossing Lynch's Creek and continued on the move until the afternoon of the 12th instant, when it went into camp one mile and a half south of Fayetteville, N. C.

March 14. -Remained in same position until noon, at which time it crossed Cape Fear River and continued moving until the 20th, when the division was ordered to re-enforce the Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps near Bentonville, N. C. A skirmish line was thrown forward and a sharp skirmish ensued, our loss being 3 enlisted men killed and 4 commissioned officers and 9 enlisted men wounded, the command gaining its position assigned them on the lines.

March 21. -Changed position to the right and threw up works; sharp skirmishing during the afternoon, the casualties of the command being 1 commissioned officer and 3 enlisted men wounded. Rebels retreated during the night.

March 22. -Marched early in the morning, reaching Goldsborough, N. C., at noon the 24th instant, and went into camp two miles east of the city, in which position it remained during the month.

Total distance marched during the month, 194 miles.

April 10. -Remained in camp at Goldsborough, N. C., at which time the brigade marched with division toward Raleigh, N. C., where it arrived on the 14th and went into camp, where it remained until April 29, when it broke camp and marched toward Petersburg, Va., encamping on the evening of the same day at Rogers' Cross-Roads, N. C.

April 30. -Remained in same camp; the command mustered for pay.

Total distance marched during the month, eighty-one miles.

Third Brigade, Second Division.

February 1. -Marched twelve miles.

February 2. -Skirmished with the enemy's cavalry; marched fourteen miles.

February 3. -The Forty-eighth Illinois drove the enemy from the crossing of Duck Creek.

February 4. -Marched twelve miles.

February 5. -Marched eight miles.

February 6. -Marched eight miles.

February 7. -Marched seven miles and destroyed one mile of South Carolina Railroad.

February 8. -Remained in camp.

February 9. -Marched eight miles.

February 10. -Crossed South Edisto River; marched three miles.

February 11. -Marched fourteen miles.

February 12. -Crossed North Edisto River; marched ten miles.

February 13. -Marched eleven miles.

February 14. -Marched seventeenth miles.

February 15. -Marched six miles; the enemy shelled our camp, killing 1 commissioned officer and wounding 1 man in Forty-eighth Illinois.

February 16. -Marched seven miles; crossed Saluda Creek.

February 17. -Crossed Broad River; marched five miles and encamped in suburbs of Columbia, S. C.