Today in History:

83 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


April 11. -Left camp at 7 a. m. ; marched in rear of division, repairing road for trains; marched five miles on Pikeville and Whitley's Mill road, then moved to the right on Lowell road; crossed Little River and encamped at 9 p. m. near Lowell Factory; distance, twelve miles. Corduroyed three miles of road.

April 12. -Broke camp at 8. 30 a. m. ; Third Brigade, occupying the center of the division, marched three miles on Smithfield road, then turned to the right on Raleigh road; went into camp near Pineville at 6 p. m. ; distance, fourteen miles.

April 13. -Marched at 10. 30 a. m., taking the Oxford road until striking the Raleigh, General Sherman reviewing the troops while passing through the city; went into camp four miles northeast of city at 5 p. m. ; distance, twelve miles.

Remained in camp until the 18th; moved camp within one mile north of Raleigh.

Remained in camp until the 29th; broke camp at 9 a. m. ; occupied advance of division; marched on Raleigh and Louisburg road; crossed Neuse River and went into camp one mile from river at 4 p. m. ; distance, eleven miles and a half.

April 30. -Remained in camp all day; troops mustered for pay.

May 1. -Two days' march from Raleigh, N. C., en route for Washington, D. C.

May 10. -Arrived at Manchester, Va., opposite Richmond.

May 13. -Left camp at Manchester; marched through Richmond.

May 19. -Went into camp four miles from Alexandria, Va.

May 21. -Moved camp from Alexandria.

May 23. -Moved camp near the Long Bridge across the Potomac River.

May 24. -Crossed the river to Washington, D. C., and were reviewed by the President and General-in-Chief of the Army, and went into camp two miles and a half from the city.

June 2. -Left Washington, D. C., for Louisville, Ky.

June 7. -Arrived at Louisville and went into camp near that city.

June 23. -Brigadier General A. V. Rice, U. S. Volunteers, assumed command of brigade, relieving Colonel Hutchinson, Fifteenth Michigan Volunteer Infantry, in compliance with Special Orders, No. 147, headquarters Fifteenth Army Corps, dated June 17, 1865.

June 25. -Left camp near Louisville, Ky., and embarked on steamers for Little Rock, Ark.

Third Division.

February 1. -Broke camp at McPhersonville, S. C., and marched to Hickory Hill.

February 2. -Marched to Anderson's Cross-Roads.

February 3. -Marched to Duck Creek, at which point our forages had a sharp skirmish with the enemy.

February 4. -Marched to Harrison's Cross-Roads.

February 5. -Crossed Big Salkehatchie River at Buford's Bridge and encamped at Noyes' plantation.

February 6. -Crossed Little Salkehatchie at Lane's Bridge, after a heavy skirmish with about 1,500 rebel cavalry strongly intrenched, and encamped on Doctor Fishburn's plantation.