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84 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 84 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

February 7. -Marched to Bamberg Station, on South Carolina Railroad.

February 8. -Destroyed three miles and a half of South Carolina Railroad.

February 9. -Marched to Graham's Turnout.

February 10. -Destroyed two miles and a half of South Carolina Railroad and marched to Holman's Cross-Roads.

February 11. -Crossed South Edisto River, passing through Willow Swamp, one mile wide and water two feet deep.

February 12. -On the march; held in readiness during the day to support Second Division, which was skirmishing with the enemy at Shilling's Bridge; crossed North Edisto River after dark and encamped near Orangeburg road.

February 13. -Marched to near Big Crotchpen Creek.

February 14. -Marched to near Sandy Run Post-Office.

February 15. -Moved to Bates' Ferry and made demonstration (sharp skirmish) to cross Congaree River while remained of corps was operating toward Columbia; moved up at night to near Congaree Creek.

February 16. -Awaiting further orders nearly all day; crossed Saluda River at Saluda Factory after dark and encamped on Columbia road near Broad River bridge.

February 17. -Crossed Broad River and marched to and through Columbia, S. C., encamping one mile east of city.

February 19. -An explosion took place while a detail of about 1,200 men (which had been ordered on the 18th) were destroying ordnance stores at the river, by which 1 commissioned officer and 3 enlisted men were killed and 21 enlisted men severely burned and wounded. A large amount of ordnance, ordnance stores, ammunition, and machinery were destroyed.

February 20. -Marched to near Rice Creek.

February 21. -Marched to Harrison's Cross-Roads.

February 22. -Crossed Wateree River and encamped near the same.

February 23. -Marched to near Flat Rock.

February 24. -Marched to West's Cross-Roads.

February 25. -Command was attack by portion of Butler's cavalry command. The enemy were driven off, having lost severely.

February 26. -Marched to Kelly's Bridge, on Lynch's Creek.

February 27 and 28. -In camp waiting for bridge to be constructed over Lynch's Creek, it being too high to ford.

March 1. -In camp at Kelly's Ferry waiting for bridge to be built across Lynch's Creek.

March 2. -Crossed Lynch's Creek over bridge 580 yards long, which had been constructed by pioneer corps, and marched to Kellytown.

March 3. -Marched twenty-nine miles and encamped on Juniper Creek. The advance of column was attacked by rebel cavalry dressed in our uniforms; loss, 1 commissioned officer, and 2 enlisted men.

March 4. -Crossed Thompson's Creek; marched to and through Cheraw, encamping one mile northwest of town.

March 5. -Crossed Great Pedee River; had sharp skirmish with rear guard of enemy, capturing 4 caissons filled with ammunition, and 2 forges and 1 battery wagon, from all which the horses were cut; encamped near Phill's Creek.

March 6. -In camp running grist-mills.

March 7. -Marched to Oldham's plantation, one mile from State line.

March 8. -Marched to Laurel Hill.

Page 84 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.