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85 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I


March 9. -A portion of command encamped at Randallsville, and a portion was mired in the quicksand near Lumber River; did not succeed in getting all cross Lumber River until 6. 30 a. m. 10th instant.

March 10. -Crossed and encamped near Raft Swamp.

March 11. -Marched to Nelson's Post-Office.

March 12. -Marched to near Fayetteville.

March 13. -In camp; command being inspected.

March 14. -Marched through Fayetteville and crossed Cape Fear River.

March 15. -Sent all non-veterans as guard to refugees to Wilmington, N. C. ; command to within two miles of South River.

March 16. -Marched to forks of road near head of Jones' Swamp.

March 17. -Marched to Jackson's Cross-Roads.

March 18. -Marched to Newton's Cross-Roads.

March 19. -Marched to Falling Creek School-House. Portion of command had a skirmish with the enemy at Cox's Bridge, on Neuse River, at which point one brigade encamped.

March 20. -One brigade attacked the enemy near Cox's Brigade (who were in intrenchments and had four pieces of artillery) and compelled them to cross the river and burn the bridge. The remainder of division moved forward to and near Bentonville, and was held in reserve during the operations at that point.

March 21. -Division held in reserve during the operations of the day.

March 23. -Marched to and encamped near Falling Creek on Everettsville road.

March 24. -Marched to and crossed Neuse River; marched through Goldsborough and encamped one mile east of town, at which the command now [March 31] remains.

Distance marched since leaving Savannah, 485 1/2 miles. Number of marching days, forty-six.

First Brigade, Third Division.

February 1. -Left camp at McPhersonville, S. C.

February 7. -Reached Bamberg, on the Augusta and Charleston Railroad.

February 8. -Destroyed railroad.

February 9. -Marched eastward seven miles and bivouacked.

February 10. -Destroyed railroad.

February 12. -Crossed North Fork Edisto River and marched, via Orangeburg, to Columbia, S. C., reaching that place February 17.

February 18 and 19. -Near Columbia and destroying military stores in the city.

February 20. -Left Columbia and marched, via Poplar Grove, Post-Office, Peay's Ferry, on Wateree River, and Flat Rock Post-Office, to within one mile of Kelly's Ferry, on Big Lynch's Creek, arriving there February 26.

February 27 and 28. -In camp.

Distance marched during the month, 230 miles.

March 1. -In camp at Kelly's Ferry, S. C.

March 2. -Crossed Lynch's Creek at Kelly's Ferry bridge.

March 3. -Marched twenty-six miles, crossing Big Black Creek.

March 4. -Encamped one mile west of Cheraw.

March 5. -Crossed Great Pedee River at Cheraw and bivouacked.

March 6. -In camp at Grant's plantation.

March 8. -Reached Laurel Hill.