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88 Series I Volume XLVII-I Serial 98 - Columbia Part I

Page 88 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

captured; 2 depot buildings, an engine house, and a building containing a large amount of commissary stores were destroyed. About 2,000 bales of cotton and a flouring mill containing a large quantity of grain were destroyed. In the skirmish on entering the town 1 of the enemy was killed and 8 captured. The detachment rejoined the command at dark six miles northeast of the town.

February 26. -The brigade reached Lynch's Creek, since when the command has been in camp on the north bank of the stream.

March 1. -The brigade broke camp on Lynch's Creek; marched ten miles and encamped on Black Creek, S. C.

March 4. -Entered Cheraw, S. C.

Nothing of importance occurred during the march from Cheraw to Fayetteville, N. C., a distance of sixty-five miles. From this point our movements were not encumbered by the supply trains, there being a special detail made to guard them.

March 16. -Marched ten miles, when the brigade being in the advance encountered the enemy. The Eighty-first Ohio was ordered forward to dislodge them, and with a heavy skirmish line drove them some distance, when it was discovered that he had taken up a strong position with his flanks protected by swamps. A section of the First Missouri Light Artillery was put in position, the skirmish line strengthened, and the enemy was driven from his position. At this point the brigade was relieved, and bearing to the left proceed on the march. Our loss was one man wounded.

March 19. -Encamped on Neuse River and intrenched.

March 20. -Moved with the division in the direction of Bentonville; encountered the enemy about noon on Mill Creek; threw up two miles of works.

March 21. -The main line was advance some 200 yards and a new line of works constructed. In the afternoon orders were received to advance the skirmish line, and, if possible, capture the enemy's rifle-pits. The line was strengthened and succeeded in taking the pits, but owing to their nearness to the enemy's main line it was found impossible to hold them. During the night the enemy evacuated his works.

March 23. -The brigade took up the line of march for Goldsborough, where it arrived by easy marches on the evening of the 24th, since when it has lain encamped near Goldsborough, N. C.

April 1 to 9, inclusive. -Brigade was in camp near Goldsborough, N. C.

April 10 to 14, inclusive. -Marched, via Pikeville, Lowell Factory, Pineville, and Hinton's Bridge, to Raleigh, N. C., sixty-two miles.

April 15 to 28, inclusive. -In camp near Raleigh.

April 26. -This command was known as the First Brigade, Third Division, Fifteenth Army Corps. Under date of April 26 orders were issued from headquarters Fifteenth Army Corps dissolving the Third Division, by which the First Brigade was consolidated with a part of the Second Brigade, Fourth Division, to be known as the Second Brigade, Fourth Division, Fifteenth Army Corps. In the transfer the Ninety-third Illinois Volunteers, formerly of the First Brigade, Third Division, was lost to this command, and the Eighty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry, of the Second Brigade, Fourth Division, gained.

April 29. -Marched from Raleigh to Rogers' Bridge, on the Neuse River; ten miles.

April 30. -Remained in camp.

Total distance marched during month, seventy-two miles.

May 1. -Broke camp on Neuse River, N. C., en route for Petersburg, Va., where it arrived May 7.

Page 88 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.