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87 Series I Volume XVII-II Serial 25 - Corinth Part II


MEMPHIS, July 9, 1862.

Major General H. W. HALLECK,

Corinth, Miss.:

A citizen of this place, reliably vouched for, has just returned from Mobile, via Meridian, Jackson, and Grenada, paying Columbus a visit. He left Mobile on the 3rd instant. He says there is no large force left on the Mobile and Ohio road. The largest is at Meridian. At Jackson there is a large force. Between Coldwater and Hernando they are collecting many troops, mostly conscripts. The whole State of Mississippi, capable of bearing arms, seems to be entering the army.



HDQRS. DISTRICT OF WEST TENNESSEE, Number 133. Memphis, Tenn., July 9, 1862.

Complaints of recent irregularities, brought to the attention of the general commanding, render necessary the publication of the following orders:

I. Officers, non-commissioned officer, soldiers, and persons in the service of the United States are forbidden to trespass upon the orchards, gardens, or private grounds of any person or persons, or in any manner whatever to interfere with the same, without proper written authority so to do. Marauding, pilfering, and any unauthorized and unnecessary seizure or destruction of private property is prohibited by General Orders of the department, Nos. 8 and 13, series of 1861, and will be punished with the extreme penalty imposed by the laws of war, which is death.

II. Commissioned officers of companies will not pass their camp lines without written permission of their district, brigade, or regimental commanders, and then only on official business or other urgent and satisfactory reasons, to be given in the letter of permission. Non-commissioned officers and soldiers are prohibited from leaving camp at any time, except when detailed on duty or on written permission of their regimental commanders, who may grant such permission to not more than three men at any one time from each company to be absent under charge of a non-commissioned officer, who will be held responsible for their good conduct.

III. The pickets and guard reliefs will remain at their immediate picket or guard stations, unless in the discharge of proper military duty, and will not straggle therefrom, under penalty of being arrested and severely and summarily dealt with.

IV. No commissioned officer, non-commissioned officer, or soldier will be permitted to be absent from camp after retreat.

V. The military police, patrols, and picket guards will arrest all persons found violating any of the provisions of this order, either by trespassing upon the gardens, orchards, and grounds herein mentioned, or seizure or destruction of private property, or being outside of camp lines or straggling from their guard stations without proper authority. Commissioned officers to be reported to district, division, or brigade headquarters, and non-commissioned officers and soldiers to be taken before the provost-marshal.

VI. Officers of regiments, detachments, and companies, and officers of the day, and of police are enjoined to use their utmost diligence in