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60 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I

Page 60 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.

December 1. - Arrived at Nashville and were thrown into temporary position.

December 2. - The enemy appeared in our front, and the division was placed permanently in a new position, and threw up strong works, where we remainded until the morning of the 15th.

December 14. - Orders were received in the evening to march at 6 a. m. on the 15th to attack the enemy.

December 15. - Moved out as per order and attacked the enemy with decided success; were heavily engaged during the day until darkness ended the day's work.

December 16. - The battle was resumed, ending in the complete defeat of the enemy, who retreated to Franklin during the night.

December 17. - Pushed forward after the fleeing enemy, picking up during the day large numbers of stragglers and deserters. Participated in the pursuit of the panic-stricken enemy through Franklin, Columbia, and Pulaski, to Lexington, Ala., when we received the announcement that the pursuit of the enemy through Franklin, announcement that the pursuit of the enemy was for the present ended.

December 30. - Received orders to proceed to Athens, Ala., and started next morning during the month [December] was as follows: Killed, 40; wounded, 191.

January 1, 1865. - Arrived at Elk River in the afternoon and went into camp to await the building of a bridge across that stream.

January 3. - Bridge completed; division crossed and marched to Athens, Ala., arriving in the evening.

January 4. - Marched at 7 a. m. for Huntsville, Ala., and encamped four miles southwest of the city.

January 5. - Arrived at Huntsville, Ala., at 10 a. m., and went into camp about one mile east of the city, where the men have built comfortable quarters, and where the division has since remained.

First Brigade, First Division.

November 1. - Left camp at Shellmound, Ala., with corps wagon train, which we were guarding to Pulaski, Tenn.

November 12. - Arrived at Pulaski; took position and fortified, remaining there until the morning of the 23rd, when we broke camp, marching toward Columbia.

November 24. - Arrived at Columbia; took position and remained there until the evening of the 27th, when we crossed Duck River and took up position.

November 29. - Marched in the evening toward Franklin, Tenn., via Spring Hill.

November 30. - Arrived at Franklin at 12 m., where we threw up temporary breast-works and were attacked by the enemy, repulsing them. A portion of the brigade were heavily engaged. Left position at Franklin at midnight for Nashville.

December 1. - Arrived at Nashville, Tenn.; remained in camp there until the morning of the 15th, when we advanced on the enemy and were heavily engaged.

December 16. - Were in the reserve of the division until the rout of the enemy, when we marched in pursuit via Franklin, Columbia, Pulaski, Tenn., and Lexington, Ala.

January 1, 1865. - Broke camp and moved to Elk River, remaining there until noon of the 3rd, when we crossed the river and marched to Athens, Ala.

Page 60 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.