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61 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


January 4. - Moved from Athens in the [morning], camping on Indian Creek.

January 5. - Moved to Huntsville, Ala.; went into camp one mile and a half from town, where we are at the present time.

Second Brigade, First Division.

November 1. - Arrived at Athens, Ala., per cars from Chattanooga, Tenn.

November 2. - Marched at 6 a. m., and encamped at Elkton.

November 3. - Reached Pulaski, Tenn., and went into camp; built fortifications and remained until the 23rd, when the brigade marched toward Columbia and encamped at Lynnville.

November 24. - Marched to Columbia.

November 25. - Built a line of works.

November 27. - On night of this date crossed to north side of Duck River.

November 28. - Marched to Rutherford's Creek and built bridge across the stream.

November 29. - Marched to Spring Hill.

November 30. - Brought up rear guard to Franklin, Tenn.; went into position on the right of the line and erected works; assaulted by the enemy in force; enemy repulsed; crossed to the north side of Harpeth River at 12 o'clock at night.

December 1. - Marched from Franklin, Tenn., to Nashville; lay in camp at that place until the 15th instant.

December 15 and 16. - Engaged in the battle of Nashville. This brigade charged the enemy's works and captured them, with four guns and 400 prisoners.

December 17. - Commenced the pursuit of Hood's army, which was continued until the 31st, when it was abandoned at Lexington, Ala.

January 1, 1865. - Moved into camp upon a ridge near Elk River to await construction of a bridge.

January 3, - Crossed the river; marched to Athens; camped over night.

January 4. - Resumed the march; made twenty miles, and camped five miles from Huntsville.

January 5. - Reached Huntsville early, and went into quarters one mile east of town.

Third Brigade, First Division.

November 1. - Brigade remainder at Athens during the day waiting orders. Orders came at 5 p. m., from Major-General Stanley, to move the command to Pulaski at once, but owing to the non-arrival of General Whitaker, commanding division, and the necessity of issuing rations to the men, the brigade did not move until daylight the next morning.

November 2. - Brigade moved at daylight in the advance of the division; marched to Elk River and forded the same just at sundown, and encamped one mile beyond.

November 3. - Brigade marched in rear of division to Pulaski.

November 4 to 23. - Encamped at Pulaski and fortified the position.

November 23. - Orders were received at 10 a. m. to be ready to move at 12 m. This brigade was detailed as rear guard, with orders to march at 3 o'clock the next morning. Changed position during the afternoon