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62 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I

Page 62 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.

and destroyed a small amount of commissary stores, which we were unable to transport. During evening orders were received from General Stanley to march at 12 o'clock, midnight, after destroying quite an amount of ammunition, provided no train came to transport it to Columbia. The train failing to come, the order was promptly executed, and the brigade marched at 1 a. m. the next morning.

November 24. - The brigade arrived at Columbia at 7 p. m.

November 25. - Took position, built a line of wart works, had slight skirmishing on our picket front, and at 7 p. m. received orders and changed position to the northeastern limits of the city, where we found a partially completed line of works.

November 26. - Strengthened our works, and near evening received orders to move at a moment's notice, and about 9 p. m. the order was countermanded.

November 27. - Continued to perfect our works; received orders and the brigade marched at 8 p. m.; crossed the Duck River, encamping one mile beyond.

November 28. - Moved at 8 a. m.; taking position on the Franklin pike, and erected a line of works.

November 29. - Moved toward Spring Hill. During our march Colonel Waters, commanding brigade, was relieved by General grouse. We took position on a range of hill s on the Franklin pike, and threw up temporary works. At 11 p. m. passed Spring Hill; arrived at Franklin next morning.

November 30. - Took position on the right of the Centerville pike; threw up a line of earthworks and prepared to meet the enemy, who were advancing upon us in two line, at 5.30 p. m.; they were quickly repulsed, with slight loss to the brigade. Lost in killed, wounded, and missing, 37.

December 1. - Arrived at Nashville during the forenoon, and went into camp.

December 2. - The enemy made his appearance; we took temporary position; threw up a line of earth-works; were ordered to a new position, where we erected strong works.

December 3. - The enemy advanced upon us with skirmishers; drove in our pickets, who in turn pushed them back, and occupied their former position.

December 4 and 5. - All quiet along the lines, expect the usual picket-firing.

December 6. - Information was received that General Hood wa calling for volunteers to assault our works. Increased vigilance was kept up, and dispositions made to meet the attack, but it was not made.

December 7. - Nothing unusual occurred.

December 8. - Enemy drove in our pickets, and occupied their line of works, but by rallying our skirmishers and charging the enemy we retook and held our rifle-pits.

December 9 to 14. - Continued strengthening our works.

December 14. - Received order to march the next morning.

December 15. - Marched according to orders; engaged the enemy and fought until after dark, capturing many prisoners.

December 16. - Again engaged the enemy at different times during the entire day, meeting with still greater success than the day previous.

December 17. - Pursued the enemy as far as Franklin, Tenn.

December 18. - Again pushed forward at an early hour in the morning; pursued vigorously all day, but failed to overtake the enemy.

Page 62 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.