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63 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


December 19. - Marched at 9 a. m.; reached Rutherford's Creek during the afternoon, and occupied the remainder of the day constructing a bridge.

December 20. - Completed the bridge, and moved as far as Duck River.

December 22. - Lay in camp until this date; crossed the river in the evening, and occupied Columbia, where we encamped from the night.

December 23 to 25. - Pursued the enemy, passing through and encamping three miles south of Pulaski on the last-named day.

December 26. - Lay in camp waiting for rations.

December 27. - Reached Lexington, Ala., and remained in camp until the night of the 31st.

January 1, 1865. - Arrived at Elk River during the afternoon; went into camp, and commenced building a bridge.

January 2. - Continued working on the bridge; also constructed rafts, upon which we succeeded in crossing two regiments.

January 3. - Crossed another regiment on the raft, by which time the bridge was completed, over which the remainder of the brigade was crossed. We then marched to Athens, where we arrived at sundown, and camped for the night.

January 4. - Marched at 7 a. m. for Huntsville; went within four miles of the city and went into camp.

January 5. - Arrived at Huntsville at 10 a. m., and went into camp about one mile east of town, where we built comfortable quarters, where we have since remained.

Second Division.

November 1. - Broke camp at Chattanooga, and division embarked on trains for Athens, Ala., at which place it arrived at daylight of the 2nd; disembarked and marched three miles north; encamped on Swan Creek.

November 3. - Marched to Roaring Spring.

November 4. - Crossed Elk River and marched to within four miles of Pulaski.

November 5. - Entered Pulaski in the mooring, and was placed in position in the lines around the town, where a strong line of works was constructed.

November 27. - Evacuated the town of Columbia and crossed Duck River after dark.

November 28. - Was placed in position on the Franklin pike, fronting the town of Columbia.

November 29. - Marched to Spring Hill and took up a position to cover the Franklin pike. At 4 p. m. the enemy attacked our lines, and after an hour's several fighting succeeded in driving back the Third Brigade, which was on the right of the line, to the pike, not however, until the entire wagon train of the corps had passed into the town.

November 30. - An hour before daylight the division withdrew from the position around Spring Hill; covered the retreat of the army to Franklin, at which place two brigades were placed in position in front of the main line of works, with the First Brigade in reserve behind the works. About 4 p. m. the enemy attacked the two brigades in front, falling back to the works by order. After engaging the enemy from five to ten minutes at the works the troops were railed, and, with the First Brigade, assisted in repulsing the enemy. The division captured 733 prisoners and 12 battle-flags.