Today in History:

65 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


November 27. - At night crossed to north side of Duck River.

November 28. - Took position opposite the town.

November 29. - Resumed line of march toward Nashville. When nearing Spring Hill the enemy's cavalry was discovered approaching the place. We double-quicken into position, and drove them about half a mile, and remainder in position around the town.

November 30. - At 4 a. m. we withdrew to Franklin, and were engaged in the bloody battle at that place, in which the brigade lost over 25 per cent. The same night we withdrew to near Nashville, where the end of the month finds us.

December 2. - The brigade encamped on the right of the Hillsborough turnpike, about two miles from Nashville. The enemy threatening our position, a line of works was thrown up, behind which we remained until the 15th, when the general assault was made on the enemy's lines. The position of this brigade was on the left of the division.

December 15. - Took part in the storing of the strong redoubts to the left of the Hillsborough pike.

December 16. - Charged a heavy line of works near the Franklin pike, both of which positions were carried, with the capture of a number of guns and prisoners, and without serious loss to ourselves. The brigade has taken part in the pursuit of the enemy from Nashville, through Franklin, Columbia, and Pulaski, Tenn., to Lexington, Ala., where the end of the month finds it.

Third Division.

November 1. - Command arrived at Pulaski, Tenn., having marched twenty-five miles that day. The division assisted in fortifying the heights in the vicinity of Pulaski, and remained in camp near that place until 3 p. m. of the 23rd, when it marched in the direction of Columbia, Tenn., to Lynville, fourteen miles from Pulaski.

November 24. - Marched to Columbia; went into position and threw up works.

November 28. - The division, with the army, evacuated Columbia, and went into position on the north bank of Duck River.

November 30. - At night the division marched through Spring Hill; passed within 500 yards of the camp of the enemy to Franklin. Next night the division covered the retreat of the army from Franklin to Nashville.

December 1. - The division reached Nashville, took up the position assigned it for the defense of the city, and immediately entrenched; remained in this position, with daily skirmishes with the enemy's pickets, until the 15th.

December 15 and 16. - Participated in the battle, carrying three lines of works. Met with one repulse on the 16th, but carried the same line thirty minutes later.

December 17. - Was engaged in the pursuit of Hood up to the end of the mouth.

December 31. - In Lexington, Ala.; in the evening encamped four miles from Buck Island Ford en route for Huntsville, Ala.

January 1, 1865. - The command marched to Elk River, near Buck Island, and stopped to bridge that stream.