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67 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


Artillery Brigade shipped at 2 p. m., at Chattanooga, Tenn., by railroad, to Athens, Ala.

November 3. - Arrived at Athens at 2 a. m.; marched four miles, and encamped six miles from Elk River.

November 4. - Marched eighteen miles; encamped three miles south of Pulaski, on Pilton Creek.

November 5. - Marched three miles, and encamped at Pulaski, Tenn.

November 7. - Batteries were assigned their positions in the fortification around Pulaski.

November 23. - Marched at 3 p. m. on the Columbia pike; marched fourteen miles, and encamped at Lynnville.

November 24. - Marched at 2 a. m. nineteen miles to Columbia; arrived at 1 p. m. Batteries A and G, First Ohio Light Artillery, were placed in positions southwest of Columbia, on line of Second Division, Fourth Army Corps; Sixth Ohio Battery and Bridges' (Illinois) battery placed in position south of Columbia, covering Pulaski pike on line of Third Division, Fourth Army Corps.

November 25. - All the batteries placed in positions at different points on the line.

November 26. - Sixth Ohio Battery engaged the enemy at different time during the day; no casualties. Batteries were all withdrawn from the line at dark, and encamped some two miles from Columbia, on the Hampshire pike.

November 27. - All the batteries moved back and occupied their former positions on the line at daylight. Bridges' (Illinois) battery engaged the enemy at different times during the day; no casualties. At dark all were withdrawn from the line and moved across Duck River at ford on Nashville pike, and encamped two miles from Columbia.

November 28. - Batteries were placed on the line formed north of Columbia.

November 29. - Batteries A and G, First Ohio Light Artillery; Sixth and Twentieth Ohio Batteries; M, Fourth U. S. Artillery, and B, Independent Pennsylvania Battery, marched at 8 a. m. twelve miles to Spring Hill, where Batteries A and G, Ohio, and B, Pennsylvania, engaged the enemy with Second Division, Fourth Army Corps. Casualties, 1 man killed and 3 wounded.

November 30. - Brigdes' battery and First Kentucky Battery joined the brigade at 12.30 a. m. Brigade moves at 2 a m. on Nashville pike. When some ten miles from Nashville the enemy's cavalry made an effort to cut to train, when the Sixth Ohio Battery and one section Twentieth Ohio Battery were thrown into position and fired a few rounds, deriving them back; casualties, none. Brigade reached Franklin at 9 a. m.; marched nineteen miles. At 3 p. m. all the batteries were placed in position on the line around Franklin. At 4 p. m. all the batteries were engaged with the enemy and continued to fire until 7 p. m., when the brigade withdrew from the line and crossed Harpeth River, and parked some two miles from Franklin. Casualties - 9 killed; Second Lieutenant Burdick, Twentieth Ohio Battery (mortally), Captain T. S. Thomasson, First Kentucky Battery (slightly), Lieutenant C. W. Scovill (slightly), and 47 enlisted men, wounded.

December 1. - Artillery Brigade moved at 1 o'clock and marched eighteen miles.