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71 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


loss about 900 or 1,000. We withdraw our lines quietly at midnight and march for Nashville, reaching it about noon Thursday, December 1; lines established about the city; headquarters at Saint Cloud.

Friday, December 2. - In Nashville. Troops entrenching.

Saturday, December 3. - In Nashville. Enemy in force in front and making slight demonstrations.

Thursday, December 15. - Moved out of line, being relieved by Steedman's command, and took position - Third Division in rear of Wook (Fourth Army Corps), on Hillsborough road; Second Division in rear of Sixteenth Army Corps (Smith), on Hardin pike. Afternoon united the command and moved to Smith's right. Moved forward, driving the enemy and gaining some heights with artillery. Bivouacked on Hillsborough pike; Cox on the right.

Friday, December 16. - Waited in position, with contract firing until about 4 p. m., when, in concert with Smith, attacked the enemy fiercely and drove him clear off our front, capturing much artillery and some men. Bivouacked on the Granny White pike; Cox on the right.

Saturday, December 17. - Moved in rear of Smith down Granny white pike at 11.30 a.,, reaching the junction of Granny White pike and dirt road leading to the Franklin pike.

Sunday, December 18. - Moved about 10 a. m., troops reaching within two miles and a half of Franklin.

Monday, December 19. - Moved early, reaching Spring Hill, Cox camping south and Couch north of the village.

Wednesday, December 21. - Couch moved to Rutherford's Creek. Cox remains in camp. Headquarters near the pike and one mile and a half north of the creek.

Thursday, December 22. - No movement to-day.

January 1 to 3, 1865. - In camp at Columbia, Tenn.

January 9. - Arrived at Clifton, Tenn.

January 10 to 31. - En route to Washington, D. C., and Alexandria, Va.

First Division.

January 3, 1865. - The division marched from Columbia, Tenn., for Clifton, Tenn.

January 9. Arrived at Clifton.

January 18. - The division embarked on transports on the Tennessee River for Cincinnati, Ohio, thence by rail to Washington, D. C., and encamped at Camp Stoneman, D. C.

First Brigade, First Division.

December 31. - The organization of the First Brigade, First Division, Twenty-third Army Corps, was completed at Columbia, Tenn., in accordance with Special Field Orders, No. 191, dated headquarters Army of the Ohio, December 29, 1864.

January 3, 1865. - The brigade marched from Columbia, Tenn.

January 7. - Arrived at Waynesborough.

January 9. - Monday, marched from Waynesborough, Tenn.; arrived at Clifton, Tenn., p. m.

January 18. - Boarded transports at Clifton, Tenn.