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77 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I


November 14. - Marched to Pulaski and encamped until the 23rd, when the command moved back to Lynnville and went into position.

November 23. - Marched toward Columbia and bivouacked.

November 24. - Arrived in Columbia and moved to Pleasant Hill pike, skirmishing slightly with the enemy's cavalry.

November 27. - Command moved across Duck River about 12 p. m.

November 28. - The brigade went into position on left of Franklin pike, with strong line of skirmishers to protect ford.

November 29. - The Sixteenth and Twelfth Kentucky Veteran Volunteer Infantry, supported on flanks by skirmish line from other brigades of the division, protecting ford, was attacked by the enemy and forced back from the ford a shored distance, but almost immediately, with the assistance of the artillery, recovered the ground lost, driving the enemy, with comparatively heavy loss, under the banks of and across the river.

November 30. - Fell back to Franklin; fortified and repulsed the rebels in several desperate charges, the brigade capturing 20 battle-flags and killing and wounding many of the enemy; brigade lost 236 men in killed, wounded, and missing, besides several officers.

December 1 to 14. - In trenches in front of Nashville.

December 15 and 16. - Battles in front of Nashville.

December 17. - Marched to near Brentwood, Tenn.

December 18. - Marched to near Franklin, Tenn.

December 19. - Crossed Harpeth River.

December 20. - Marched to Spring Hill, Tenn.

December 21 and 22. - In camp at Spring Hill, Tenn.

December 23. - Marched to Columbia, Tenn., and remained in camp near that place during the remainder of the month.

January 1, 1865. - In camp at Columbia, Tenn.

January 2. - Marched to Mount Pleasant, Tenn.

January 3. - Continued march on the road to Waynesborough.

January 4. - Marched to Buffalo Creek.

January 5. - Marched to Waynesborough.

January 6. - Marched to Clifton, Tenn.

January 7 to 16. - In camp at Clifton; embarked on transports on the night of the 16th.

January 16 to 26. - En route to Washington, D. C.

January 27 to 30. - In barracks at Camp Stoneman.

January 31. - Marched to Alexandria, Va.

Second Brigade, Third Division.

November 1. - The brigade marched to Tilton, Ga.

November 2. - Marched to Dalton; distance, nine miles.

November 7. - Shipped on cars for Nashville, via Chattanooga.

November 8. - Arrived at Nashville; distance, 181 miles.

November 9. - Arrived at Franklin.

November 10. - Arrived at Thompson's Station, where the brigade disembarked and went into camp; distance from Nashville, twenty-eight miles.

November 13. - Marched to Columbia, Tenn.; distance, fourteen miles.

November 14. - Marched seventeen miles, and encamped at Lynnville, Tenn.

November 15. - Marched eleven miles; encamped two miles north of Pulaski, Tenn.

November 22. - Marched twelve miles; encamped at Lynnville, Tenn.

November 23. - Marched ten miles.