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78 Series I Volume XLV-I Serial 93 - Franklin - Nashville Part I

Page 78 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.

November 24. - Marched to Columbia, Tenn., distance, seven miles, and went into position.

November 25. - Enemy attacked our lines; heavy skirmishing all day. At 12 p. m. we fell back through Columbia across Duck River. Went into position on the north bank at 4 a. m. of the 26th; heavy skirmishing and cannonading all day.

November 29. - Fighting continued all day; brigade withdrew under cover of night, and went into position at daylight at Franklin, Tenn., on the 30th; distance marched, twenty-one miles; enemy attacked in force and were repulsed, with loss, leaving their dead and wounded on the field. The brigade withdrew at dark and marched fifteen miles forward Nashville.

December 1. - The brigade arrived at Nashville from Franklin, Tenn.

December 2. - Went into position on the right of the First Brigade, between Forts Negley and Casino, forming the center of the division, and remainder in position until the 15th.

December 15. - The brigade was ordered to the right of the army; marched five miles, and went into position east of the Hillsborough pike.

December 16. - Heavy skirmishing all day.

December 17. - Pursued the enemy in the direction of Franklin; marched five miles.

December 18. - Marched eight miles.

December 19. - Arrived at Franklin.

December 20. - Marched to Spring Hill, distance fifteen miles, where the brigade remained until the 23rd.

December 23. - Marched to Duck River; distance, eight miles.

December 24. - Ordered to Columbia, Tenn.. to act as temporary garrison, where we remained the balance of the month.

January 2, 1865. - Marched to Mount Pleasant; distance, thirteen miles.

January 3. - Marched fifteen miles in direction of Waynesborough.

January 4. - Marched to Buffalo Creek; distance, twelve miles.

January 5. - Arrived at Waynesborough, Tenn.; distance, fourteen miles.

January 6. - Marched to Clifton, Tenn.; distance, sixteen miles.

January 17. - Shipped on board transports for Cincinnati, where the brigade disembarked and moved by rail to Washington, D. C., where it arrived January 27.

Third Brigade, Third Division.

November 1. - Brigade on the march near Calhoun, Ga.

November 2. - Arrived at Dalton, and went into camp and remained there until the 5th; took cars for Pulaski, Tenn.

November 9. - Arrived at Nashville; took the cars in the evening for Pulaski; went as far as Thompson's Station; went into camp, and remained there until the 13th.

November 15. - Marched into Pulaski; roads very good.

November 19. - Fell back.

November 24. - Arrived at Columbia; had a skirmish; went into position; built works; remained until the 28th.

November 28. - Fell back at night to the opposite side of the river; went into position.

November 29. - Skirmishing kept up all day; at dark fell back.

November 30. - Arrived at Franklin in the morning; went into position; built works; enemy advanced and attacked at 4 p. m.; was repulsed, with great slaughter and with but little loss in the brigade.

Page 78 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LVII.